MCDC grit

Great listen from McAfee and Pagano.
Dan Campbell Is Pushing How Much Grit The Lions Have “It’s What We’ll Always Be About” | Pat McAfee - YouTube

Loving the bit about “He’s a Lion”

It’s been better since someone at ESPN sat down with him and said, “here’s the thing, Pat. We hired you to talk about football.”

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It’s amazing how much that word is used now in the NFL. DC has made it the most used word in football.

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If you want to really see how real Lions get it done…

Take notes:

50 minutes, but well worth your time.

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I work as an engineer at an automotive company on the west side of Michigan and the company is starting to use Grit as one of our values and buzz words. It’s spreading everywhere. I kind of chuckled when they announced it.


Justin Rogers | Detroit News


On every seat in the stadium.


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So much better than the 3’s!

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