MCDC is now tied for the 8th longest tendered Head Coach

MCDC at 8th is nuts. Turnover at the HC level is incredible . . . not just for past Lions head coaches.

Holmes is tied for 16th GM.

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And isn’t Ben near the top for OCs? Same with Glenn and DCs?

Really is Not For Long in the NFL.

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Makes you appreciate the Not For Long league.

That is kind of crazy.

Assuming he lasts 2 more years. He could start crushing the Lions all time coaching record. It is really a sad sad sight.

If I am reading that right, there are only three coaches who have been in their current spot for more than ten years… John Harbaugh, Andy Reid, and Mike Tomlin.

That is pretty nuts!

And maybe even 8th longest tenured too.

Ben Johnson Tied for 1st.
Aaron Glenn Tied for 3rd.


It is nuts. Then again several long time coaches just recently got canned or stepped away.

Both the hoody and Carroll had extremely long runs.

Hopefully coach Campbell has a similar run with the Lions.

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thats a great chart.

AFC North is the place to go if you want to hang on to your job as a head coach.

ANd we are reestablishing the long term tenures the right way folks!

8th longest tenured. Number 1 coach in the NFL. Yea…I said it.


You will get no arguments from me.

I wouldn’t trade Campbell for any coach, at any level.

He is Detroit, and Detroit is Him.

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