MCDC on who they want back next year: Walker and Harris Fit what we're About


definitely got our money’s worth from C. Harris. still young and plays hard. get him back!
Tracy walker played better toward the end of the year (new contact) but I wouldn’t overpay for him. There are lots of young safeties hitting FA.
We really don’t have many UFA we HAVE TO sign. A few restricted guys but they usually don’t go anywhere. I would probably lock Fox up RFA. great passer (ha ha) and HE CAN PUNT!


I don’t think Walker will be asking for a lot. He’s not a ball hawking FS, but he’s solid. I’m much more worried who will be playing opposite providing we do sign Walker back.

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I’d be careful to commit too much money to Harris. Excelled in a contract year and with the top pick and Okwara bros (assuming that Romeo comes back healthy), I wouldn’t overpay to keep Harris. I’d like to see him back at reasonable dollars though.

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Tracy Walker feels like the most likely guy to be back. Guys who get 0.5 interceptions per year at the safety position generally don’t break the bank. Plus they have nothing at safety outside of him. Nothing.

Harris feels like they’ll make a good push to sign him but a team desperate for pass rush could outbid Detroit. I agree that I wouldn’t overpay for Harris. A number 2 overall DE paired with Harris and the Okwara brothers would be one solid stable of pass rushers tho

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So .5 INT is not worth much your pay scale is based on INT’s?

So the Safety just stands back there an tries to get INTs.

Who breaks up the pass attempts?
Who makes the tackles back there kinda last line of defense.

You have different pay scale idea than the teams .

Teams pay for guys who make big plays. Touchdowns, interceptions, sacks, these stats equal higher pay. Marcus Williams has 15 career picks while Tracy Walker has 3 career picks. That plays a role in what will be their contract differences. I’m not saying INTs are the end all be all, but I’m saying with 3 career picks guys on here may be overvaluing what Walker will get on the open market.

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What walker isn’t is a playmaker, he’s solid against the run, but not as good against the pass. He should be a mid priced safety at best. He is a guy to bring back but not for top Safety money, he’s not in the same class as Diggs or Williams or Bates and guys like that.

We’ll see where it goes, but those guys fit what we’re about."

Do the other safeties fit what lions are all about ? Tracy led a very young secondary. He might have more value than you give credit for imo I think he’s probably worth the most to the lions
So better hope Walker isn’t seen as elite free agent this year if you’re that concerned about his money.

Imo just signing another top fa safet may not replace walkers value immediately.

Completely agree. I feel the same about Harris and Walker. Both are decent, would like to have them back, but it’s gotta be at the right price. They aren’t worth big money. Walker has 3 ints in 4 years, that’s nothing special. And Harris has had 1 good year out of 4 in his career.

If we are going to pay big money in free agency, it better be to game changing type players like @Luke pointed out.

I would also bring back Anzalone for the right price on hopefully another 1 year deal. He offers good leadership and depth to the position. He gave us pretty good value last year @ 1.75 mill on a 1 year deal.

I also want to point out that Holmes didn’t mentioned Anzalone when he was asked about what FA to bring back. He mentioned Harris and Walker. I thought that was… interesting.

Anyway, I don’t see the Lions signing any marquee FA this offseason. I see them being a bit more aggressive than last offseason, when they went bargain bin shopping, but I think the big player additions will be viewed by Holmes when he feels they’re ready to take that next step. That’s not this year. He’s gonna draft and develop, add more of “their guys” via FA with modest commitments, and put some progress on paper.


I think Anzalone wasn’t mentioned because he isn’t a “priority” re-signing. JRM, and Raymond weren’t mentioned either, but both those guys have been talked up this year as well. I think they would love to have all 5 of these guys back, but it needs to be at the right price.

Walker is a very solid starter. His best ball may stilll be ahead of him, similar to the way Glover Quinns career progressed. He is not worth 10mil+ though. I think he settles in right around 7-8mil which is solid starter money at safety.

Harris is a little tougher to project. He had a very good year and if we knew we could get the same production out of him in 2022, he would be deserving on 10-12mil AAV in todays market. Problem is he looked nothing like the guys we saw in 2021 any other year of his career. I personally would offer him a 3 year deal worth around 20-24mil and let him walk if he wants much more. That to me is a fair price to pay him to be a #3 edge guy who will be playing around 50-60% of the snaps.

Holmes said on Harris “arguably had his best year” and “loves it here.” Anzalone and Kalif Raymond both “did very, very well” in their year in Detroit. So, he did give Anzalone some props.

Yep, I said 6-9 million a year so we’re both on the same page with that.

I missed that, thanks

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