MCDC: redefining NFL Coaching

Was in the treadmill today and watching pats show…. The talk was about the new hit for the pats. They had the following comments about it:

  • the HC must find a philosophy and build the team around it
  • the HC must pick coach’s who sling with this philosophy
  • the leadership just pick players for turnHC that can execute this philosophy

I’m like…. Who knew bitting knee caps would become the next next thing in how to coach!

Dan, Brad and Sheila are the shit!!


I am smoked from my four miles and will not fix my spelling awesomeness


Spelling matters…:laughing: the pressure gets to some of them

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Honestly… MCDC has built such a great culture, and is developing staff and players. This is the reason Im not that concerned if Johnson or AG leave. If both leave at the same time… it could get dicey to fill all the spots at once, but I have complete faith we will still run the “lions” offensive and defensive systems effectively.

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To play devil’s advocate. MCDC also hired Anthony Lynn to run this offense! Who? :wink: As @Mr.Peabody pointed out in a recent thread, BJ was actually a TE coach and a leftover hired by Patricia! Yeah it’s also true that MCDC somehow had the good mind to keep BJ around for whatever reason when Patricia got the boot. So you never know.

The benefit of Holmes bringing in smart and intense players and sticking to the formula is that they are more self-managed and make life easier for coaches.

But that the whole idea of correct synergy (correct stepping by the way :face_vomiting:)!

Each person properly picked to do that job in concert with all the others….

Sure. That’s the whole reason why certain organizations like the Steelers and yes even the Packers are once again ready to contend consistently. The Patriots used to be there. Others have had their mini dynasties. It just feels weird to us because we’e the Lions. :wink:

  • Matt Millen Years??? (probably nice guy but in way above his head)
  • Years digging out after that
  • By the time Caldwell gets here and having a shit ton of success and a good roster, the Ford’s hire GM Quinn to undercut any chance of SYNERGY because Bob is eyeing up Patricia the whole time as his successor instead of focusing on the task at hand.

I think Dan is a bit unique simply because of his style and how social media has helped amplify his story which is our collective past.

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I think Millen was actively stealing money. No way was he putting in the time when he was out of the office in Pennsylvania. Cannot believe old man Ford re-upped with that guy POS.

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It’s interesting. These are great comments. However, they seem almost… obvious? Like, why wouldn’t the head coach want those things, and attempt them?

This leads me to think that while ‘simple,’ it is very, very hard to do. Otherwise, we would have 20+ coaches with more than 10 years with the same team. And obviously there are very few of those.

So, I think we finally got lucky/made a good choice. You know, after 60 years of failure on that front…


But I love the fact he walks and talks this stuff in each day as a person and our HC…

I simply have never seen anyone in recent memory ( maybe Dick Vermille ) that’s communicates as he does…. Transparency as much as possible etc…. Lives peoples and reacts them


GREAT point! I definitely agree!!


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