McVay Coming Back to Coach Rams

Was hoping he would retire. Probably takes Jalen Ramsey off the table.


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That sure was a fun discussion for about 2 hours.


The talk of the Rams going into fire sale mode was hilariously premature.

If they stay healthy next year, with Kupp, Matt, Akers, AD, and Ramsay returning, they’re an immediate contender.


Rams Lions next year playoffs.


Rams 51
Lions 10

Stay humble Lions fans!

Way to show us how it’s done.:crazy_face:


The Super Bowl winning Rams could barely beat the 3 win Lions team in 2021…

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Only because the refs. If that game was fair the Rams drop 50 on the Lions.

If the refs were fair the Bengals won the super bowl last year!!!

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Crazy thought here.

We trade Matt to Rams, they win Superbowl.

We trade Hock to Minn. What happens if they go on to win the Superbowl (highly unlikely but just hypothetically).

I wonder which potential playoff team would trade for Okudah.

The Vikes win the super bowl!? Someone ban this man asap.

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Wait! You can’t use that. That line is copy written by Detroit.

Its all yours now! But make no mistake the STL Rams had it just as bad as you guys.

I undoubtedly know officiating can change games outcomes. Despite some of the posters here claiming otherwise. I wish I knew where to get drugs that good!

Most of us saw the Seattle game. Don’t take it personal. Make no mistake, that was to screw the Lions. You weren’t going anywhere, anyway.

I’m glad he’s coming back. Want the Seahawks to lose as many games as possible next year. I’m spiteful like that.

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Right on!