Meaning of LOL on the internet

I always thought it meant lots of luck but some believe it means laugh out loud. An internet search showed it is both. Which one do you mean? If it is laugh out loud then does that mean: I found it funny, I am laughing at you or giggle. 1960s meaning was easy little old lady. Help??? LOL

Laugh Out Loud,.
Like when watching the Lions.

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I use the term when I’m being sarcastic or joking. That way people reading know it was light hearted.

It’s for sure Laugh or laughing Out Loud.

Though, whenever I use it, I am rarely LOL’ing. I mostly use it to indicate sarcasm. On the rare occasions when i literally LOL I will say something like 'wow this LITERALLY made me Laugh Out Loud.

LOL pre-dates the internet. I’m from the BBS days, in fact ran a multi (two) line (phone line, dial up days) BBS when I was 14 (Renegade BBS software, MS-DOS based. Super awesome ANSI graphics and text/ANSI based games, with some file sharing (mostly pictures and the latest hot programs of the day such as Leisure Suit Larry/Monkey Island/Lotus 1-2-3, Word Perfect, Corel…)

The other most common thing to LOL back then was ASL (Age/Sex/Location --Especially on AOL/Compuserve/Earthlink boards/chat rooms) ROFLMAO, ROTF… All early 90’s stuff right there

I still have an AOL 1.0 single 3.5" floppy disk somewhere

Ah. Memories.

I got started on a Sega Dreamcast, and they had chatrooms built into the internet browser (a BLAZING 56k modem.)

The evolution of acronyms has come a long way – I remember ‘lol’ meaning a few different things at first.

But yeah, ASL was definitely a big one.

Wait, it doesn’t mean, lick off Liz?
My ex lied again!