Meeting RB Kendre Miller today FYI

Today is also the last day for top 30 visits.

One of my guys here, reminds me of a Dalvin Cook.

Really? I don’t think he’s anywhere near as dynamic as Dalvin Cook was coming out of FSU. Though I was a major Cook slappy so perhaps I’m biased.

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I think he has a similar sort of slalom-y running style, and I think he’s pretty dynamic too. Maybe not quite to Cook’s level but pretty close. I definitely wish he was able to stay on his feet a little better, especially at his size, but he’s got really excellent vision as he weaves through a defense and he’s on DBs before they expect it. I think he would have had very good explosion numbers if he’d been able to test.


Recovering from a knee injury, sounds like a future Lion.


Maybe the Lions have been swallowing all those kneecaps instead of spitting them out and surgically attaching them to their own players…

Spit or swallow?


If they think it’s convoluted now, just wait and see what happens when they add Deuce.

Cook lost some juice after the ACL IMO.

Miller’s weird in that per my eye his functional athleticism comes and goes. I don’t know if it’s that he gets tentative or what. Or perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me. Florida State era Dalvin Cook was always a rocket. I also think Cook cutting ability was superior to Miller who IMO looks a little tight.

Again, I may have a blind spot as Cook was one of my favorite RB prospects ever.

I’m fine with Miller on day 3. I’d much rather have someone like Spears although they are very different styles. I’d also prefer McBride if we think he can at least become a minor threat to catch passes. I’d prefer Tucker or Izzy on day 3 as well.

I hope he falls. Someone needs to dr drop a Deuce on draft weekend. There I go talking sh!t again.


Cook sure has been productive. Repaired ACL and been playing with 1 shoulder and still has 4 straight 1000 yard seasons.

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I wanted him so badly in that draft. Wesley and a few others did as well. I also badly wanted Derek Barnett but we won’t talk about that one.


He’s in that early day 3 group for me, I’d be fine with pretty much all of them. I prefer some over others of course but I think they’ve all got something to offer.

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Gotta give Spielman’s brother some credit with his drafts. Drafted AP, Cook, Diggs, Jefferson. Shit maybe they shouldn’t have fired him. But, glad they did. The new guy appears to be an idiot.

The Street and Smith approach to drafting actually does have merits

Sounds like a lock to be drafted in the 2nd rd by the Lions.


Love how he deploys the 3rd wheel. Would be a great compliment to the RB room.