Melifonwu's thigh injury "a bad one," Campbell says

He’s going to miss weeks.

It leaves the Lions’ CB slots in the hands of two UDFAs, A.J. Parker (who’s doing pretty good so far) and Bobby Price.

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jeez. opposing qbs must be ecstatic.

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Jeez, now we def wont win the division.


At least we’re tied for 3rd.

Did you actually think that was even remotely possible?


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Lol, I am in a pissy mood with myself. I violated the cardinal rule of lions fans, don’t get your hopes up don’t drink the koolaid. I actually thought that the Lions might be competitive this year. I don’t think that anymore

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Practice is not game speed thus the reason I think a lot of these players get hurt.

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I obsess a bit too much about the make-up of the roster itself. At the cut to 53, I could have kept going below 40. That’s rare. We are talking 2008/9 talent level here. Anyhow, that has kept my expectations in check this year. After 2 games, it’s not only a bad team, but it’s unwatchable.