Mental part of game

So i dont do a ton of topics or analysis. So i will point out one player for arguments sake. Alim had best game as a lion against Giants. I read a quote where he said he just felt something better when he got up. I believe this is a mental part that the coaching staff has preached. Winning breeds more winning better attitudes better focus. He will pergorm well against bills i will bet with a lot of other players. That doesnt mean we win and he is just one player. The mental on this team is at a high right now which can cause a weird upset in the nfl, happens all the time. I feel tough winning attitude is contagious and now our team has that taste. The same guts that missed a 3rd and 1 by one inch earlier in the season might just give that little more to get it …just my 2 cents. Go lions


I’m absolutely SHOCKED that this isn’t being done more in the NFL.

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90% of the game is mental. The other half is physical.


The man, myth, and legend

Says “well played.”


Football players have never been known to be very smart.

haha I know it’s a baseball quote!


I wonder if it is, just not very effectively. For instance, you might have a team consultant come in some times to talk to them about mental health tips, peak mental performance, etc.

However, ours comes largely from the head coach, who seems fully genuine about it. It gets preached a lot, worked into practices, and is modeled throughout the year. That is likely much more effective.


Yup - your energy needs maintenance.
it’s like not taking a shower. There are ppl who don’t take showers, get used to their own smell, and don’t even know they stink. THAT …is what happens to your energy if you are not mindful of it…you go to autopilot and just float through your own stinky-ness…without even knowing you stink.