Miami and Tua

Sounds like we might have a real chance here for a trade back.

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Seems kind of dumb for something like this to leak this early in the process. All you’re doing is weakening your position at the bargaining table. Not to mention it allows other teams to drive up the asking price, even if they have no intention of pulling the trigger. Color me skeptical

If they’re willing to trade up to 3, they’re willing to trade up to 2. This information being out there only makes it more necessary they they move up to 2 to ensure they get him. Lions will be able to take Young, I don’t see one team that will trade up for him, so he’d be the pick.

BTW, why does the article state that’s who the owner wants? Who cares what the owner wants? If I was Miami’s GM or HC I’d be pissed about this article and the owner meddling in football operations.

They need a willing trade partner in WAS in order to get up to 2. Really this could be great news for Detroit either way. If Miami gets WAS to trade out and they take Tua then the Lions get Young, otherwise they trade up to 3 and Lions get more draft capital while still likely getting the guy that they wanted at 3 but at 5.

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If Miami was to offer 5, 18 and a 3rd I think WAS would take that. They do not have a second round pick as of now.

But point remains if Tua’s health checks out we are in the cat bird’s seat.

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We could only hope that happens

5, next year’s first of their own and their latter 2nd this year

5 and 18 and a 3rd

5, 27 and 39

any of these are OK w me.

We will see how confident BQ and MP are in the turnaround if they take that first option.