Miami and Washington working on trade deal

I was expecting this.

Dan Sileo :heavy_check_mark: @DanSileoShow

.@MiamiDolphins are working on a trade with the @Redskins for the #2 pick in the @NFL Draft

I’d be ecstatic if we got Chase Young.

Redskins looked like they have the DE/OLB solidified anyways.

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If this happens and Chase Young is sitting there BQ should be running the card up to the podium


Down in the tweet:

Dan Sileo



Feb 8



have contacted #DonYee tonight about


Yep…this is actually ideal . When Cincinnati takes Justin Herbert and shocks the world and Burrows goes #2 to Miami that leaves us with Young or Okudah and any team that want’s Tua . #3 becomes more valuable when 2 QB’s go one and two .

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I doubt Cinci takes Herbert, that would be dumb even on Cinci’s standards.


That’s some next-level Herbert love right there.


It could be Burrow 1 and Herbert 2 then.

The problem there is that if Washington drops down to 5 then we have to decide if Young is better than the a trade down with LAC or Carolina, which is likely yes, though I’d love the trade down.

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Not when you believe Herbert is the better QB long term as I do …and not when Burrow’s is saying the things he is saying . I would take Herbert over Burrows everyday of the week …but when it comes to Cincy they may view it the same or want no part of a QB at #1 overall and the $35 Million guaranteed to a guy that would rather be drafted elsewhere. His quick 180 from I will play for whoever pays me (Which sucked as a coment to begin with ) only to say that he would like to go #1 but also to a team committed to winning , that statement in itself says he questions that commitment .
$35 Million should go to a QB that wants to be a part of a turnaround, not to a QB that wants the best situation …Burrow should be professing his love for Cincy not questioning their commitment to winning .

The Giants would be very interested in landing Young and it would be a win , win for them to land him and keep him away from the Redskins . I would love to get #36 from the Giants and still land Okudah at #4

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I want young, but I want to trade down more. We have so many holes, so we need more players.

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That would be outstanding!..You literally run to the podium and draft Chase Young. The Lions have been looking for a stud DE since the days of Al “Bubba” Baker (1978-1982). Ziggy Ansah was a huge disappointment mainly because of his brittle body. You draft Young and then you extend Slay even if it is a slight over-payment.

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Not sure what’s a worse take—Greedy Williams as a top 10 pick or Justin Herbert (aka Blaine Gabbert) as #1 pick.

If Herbert goes #1 I’ll get a Greedy Williams tattoo.

So first we have news that we might trade Stafford. Now we have news Miami is working with Washington. I’m not sure what that means, could be a number of things, but I feel like they are related.

There’s a difference between “news” and a stupid rumour. There is zero chance they trade Stafford.


We would be a better team going into 2020 with Greedy Williams , Darius Slay …drafting Young and rolling with Jesse James at TE …then we are today still with a hole at CB#2 , still in need of a DE and Hockenson being a huge question ? Due to being a TE drafted to early and injury .

Nothing has changed here I still take Greedy over Hockenson every single day

  1. that’s dumb

  2. Hockenson’s draft value is unrelated to Greedy’s or Herbert/Gabbert’s.

So, in a way, you wanted Greedy to get his shot first

Dumb is thinking Hockenson would set the NFL on fire and that we could not land a better prospect at #8
You were the poster boy for drafting Hockenson the best TE prospect ever , the guy that would turn around our run game with his special talents and pancake blocks …How did that work out ? Was he any of these things ? Or more a TE with promise and not the instant impact player you made him out to be …?