Micah Parsons

He’s a fave of a lot of us on here but after doing a little digging, turns out he might be kind of a turd:

Now I think our habit of drafting Johnny Do-Goods over anyone with a hint of a character concern needs to change, but this doesn’t look so great.


Sounds like a prank/hazing got out of hand. If he passes interviews, I wouldn’t let this change my opinion of him. Not the first time teammates got in a fight. Also he isnt the one that pulled the knife.

Penn State has a habit of not reporting things



Yeah, this could give a person some pause for certain. This is why each team does their own investigating, and if he takes a draft day tumble, it’ll give you a good indication of what they found.

Holy shit lol!!!

I’m not too interested in worrying about Parsons as a Lions Fan, mostly because I don’t think he’ll be there when we draft.

Plus I’m shotgun on the Devonta Smith bandwagon

Hopefully this meaningless dick measuring contest turned ghetto fight makes him drop to us at 7…

I remember hearing about this last year. I honestly would take D Smith from Alabama. I am a fan of Parsons…but im a bigger fan of making the offense more elite.

Who’s driving?

Our Mystery GM I hope


Lol - I just had a vision of the lions presenting the new GM and he come out in a costume and we have to guess who he is to keep him’n

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I brought this up when the bullying story broke. It’s concerning fir sure.

All Lions bandwagons are full autonomous driving. Obviously the glitches are still being worked out.

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Well I comped him to Jerry Rice earlier, I at least want a spot where the air conditioning can reach me lol

Sounds good. We can pair him with Will Harris who’s a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really … really, really, really, really, really poor man’s version of Ronnie Lott.

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Destitute? Bankrupt? Homeless? Hobos version?

We can swap on gas sttaion breaks

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If there’s truth to it then he won’t go top ten but this Humphries guy is the sole person saying this and he clearly has an agenda. He admitted to pulling a knife on Parsons. Humphries doesn’t sound like he is the sharpest tool in the shed.