Michigan vs OSU cancelled

Relief? Disappointment?

Completely numb?


Disappointed big time. The 70-0 ass kicking we don’t get, may allow Harbaugh to keep his job again… :face_vomiting:

I think this will screw OSU over.

Didn’t they need 1 more win to get into a bowl game? Something like that?

Edit - Found it. Not quite what I thought:


I knew Michigan would chicken out of the game. I love how this is still billed as a “rivalry” game. A hammer and a nail can not be rivals just because they meet alot and don’t like eachother. :joy:

When the analysts were speculating over the weekend that UM was going to pussy out of the game, they said the B1G was already talking behind the scenes about giving OSU an exemption to allow them to still play in the B1G Championship Game.


I don’t think Michigan necessarily “pussied out of the game”, so to speak.

Michigan needed to “shut down all football activities last week due to a COVID outbreak that infected over a dozen members of the program. The outbreak was deemed to be too widespread to play a game this week.”

Unless we’re saying anyone that takes the global pandemic more seriously than a college football game is a pussy? If that’s what we’re saying then yes, the Wolverines are pussies. I think UM was more impacted by their ability to prepare for the game than what was between their legs.

I’m not calling anyone that takes a global pandemic more seriously than a college football game a pussy. I’ll leave that to the “Muricans”.

Agree with you regarding this being a “rivalry” game though. I don’t think, after the last 2 decades, this could really be considered a “rivalry” anymore.


Thanks, that’s all I was trying to say. :joy: :joy: :joy:


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Looks like I got caught being triggered. Sorry man - just felt like you were trying to get people to read in between the lines there.

Michigan also cancelled their b’ball game with NC St. NC St had positive tests.

EDIT: Just heard they scheduled Toledo for tomorrow night at 6pm.

Supposedly over 45 positives at UM; tests and contact tracing.

I knew they would.

Do you really believe that?

Lol another cup cake game.

Holy smokes really?

I mean, UM was already gonna get killed 70-0, but they can’t even field a team with that.

Crazy stuff. I wonder where the breakdown and most likely multiple breakdowns in protocol occurred…

They are college kids, there is no real protocol. They aren’t living in a bubble.


Well, it was a last minute scheduling. They’re no NC St, that’s for sure.

Judging from the Michigan football team I’ve watched this season, I’d argue they haven’t fielded a team all year. Why stop now?

OSU will still get to the playoff, they are just disqualified from the Big 10 Championship. OSU is a big enough name and strong enough team that I think they make the playoff anyways. People want to see them play.

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They had 3 games cancelled

I highly doubt this was anything other than an actual virus outbreak. Jim Harbaugh is many things. Afraid of competition is not one of those things. Even in an awful year like this…

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Exactly. If you’re expecting a bunch of 18-22 year old students to strictly follow Covid protocol, then you haven’t met many of them. I’m honestly surprised the season even lasted this long without the whole conference having to shut down.


UofM fans are more fuller then cousin Eddie’s camper. But I glad osu is getting screwed by their little sisters.