Mike Babcock fired; Fleury spits on his grave

Toronto is such a mess. I really doubt Babcock was the one at fault, but here we are nonetheless.

This save had to be the nail in the coffin, and what a save it was. Seriously, even if you’re not a hockey fan, you’ll appreciate this.

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The Leafs are basically hockeys version of the Lions. Great in yesteryear and a train wreck for most of our lives.

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True, but they’re loaded with young talent. That’s not something I’ve ever felt as a Lions fan.


Nobody wants to comment on that save? C’mon now!

That save was as sick as Europe in 1350!!!

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I’ll take it!

I did all through the early '90s. We Had it all except for a QB. Fast forward to today. Irony is a bitch.

Mike Commodore had a few “nice” words to say on Twitter about Bacock! LOL!


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Commie was funny here but Babs’ Cup speaks for itself.

we had a qb in kramer we let him get away. big mistake.

Chelios and Franzen came out today and basically said Babs is a POS. Not sure he will get another NHL job again. He really seems like a turd.

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I was reading/listening to this today. I mean, we all knew that Babcock was a prick, but he won. Is anyone really surprised by this?

Yeah, it would take a huge set of danglers to hire him as a HC again.

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We knew he was a dick, yeah – but some of the things that have come out go beyond that IMO.