Mike Clay's 2020 Projection Charts

Handy charts made for fantasy football types, but there’s loads of great info for all fans.

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Low projection for Jessie James - I hope that’s wrong.

Yeah, and he doesn’t like the Lions RBs much either. He seems to think AP will only get 84 carries all year.

I do like the general layout of the document though.

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I noticed that and it inspired me to start a thread about the group.

Some think the Lions RB might just be the best in the NFL. I think 2000 total rushing yards is very plausible.

Here’s a link to that thread.


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I love the projections, every team has a clear starting QB except one, the Bears. I chuckled a little.

I’m not agreeing with the rushing data.

We drop from 1600 to 1500 in yardage
But we go up from 7 to 11 TD’s

Ty drops carries and yardage… but we kept him over Huntley?

AP will average 5 carries a game?

I do not see falling this way at all

The defensive sack projections seem about right, other than I expect Jarrad Davis to blitz alot this year and put up some decent sack and pressure numbers.

I do as well. I suspect we will see him more at WIL and blitzing far more frequently than last year. See 2018.