Mike Evans Re-Signs with the Bucs


First Big Domino in this free agency, back with his original team for a 2 year deal

Baker or Antoine Winfield getting tagged (My guess being Winfield)

Free agency begins next week???

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Winfield will get tagged and Baker would be an idiot to leave such a good situation . . . but it is Baker, so . . .

ARSB going to be in the same neighborhood, except for a longer contract.

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And now that he’s off the table, I have to say that for every remarkable catch he made down the stretch, there were a couple where you expect a player of his caliber to make that he didn’t.

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Mike is good…he will wash soon…so…

From Adam Schefter:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and five-time Pro-Bowl receiver Mike Evans reached agreement on a two-year, $52 million contract that includes $35 million guaranteed, his agent, Deryk Gilmore, told ESPN.

Seems about right for Amon Ra. Maybe less per year if you give him more years.

I mean…i see both sides…the deal is done…They’re just waiting to announce it.


ARSB deal is done…

Already made a post about it, just wanted to let you know lol

■■■■!! I actually checked before posting and didn’t see any. My bad.

Its fine lol


Like I said, it is Baker.


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I mean

Atlanta and Minny arent bad places to go to

Hes been in mcvays offense before, so he would transition well into either offenses decently well

Evan’s agent two days ago.

This is the gold standard of nonsense “news” to come out of the combine.

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He got booted out of Cleveland, got booted out of Carolina, and he wasn’t very good with the Rams either, but it earned him a $4M contract with the Bucs. Now he wants to try the open market?

I don’t think Atlanta is a good spot and I don’t think Minnesota is better than Tampa. If I want to have success and I want to make money, generally it’s not a good thing to try a new location, especially when you’ve failed everywhere you’ve gone, but who knows, maybe Tampa is low balling him.


Agent really stretched the details of the contract. $41M/2yr base contract with $29M fully guaranteed. I am curious to see what the $11M in incentives and escalators are though. As originally reported, the contract would have factored into ARSB negotiations, but the actual contract doesn’t.

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