Mike Hughes.. Chris Board….maybe T Edmunds and A Key?

So Hughes clearly had a very C Harris feel. A former first rounder with a great final college season at UCF, and a 7.75 RAS score that may not have touched his nfl ceiling.

Board is a career 50-59 pff guy who was a special teams ace. He played some snaps at LB and could replace JRM perfectly.

Maybe get a safety net at safety in either Peppers or Edmunds…. And score another rotational 4-6saxks with Key.

Then draft is totally BPA


Yup I could see those guys. Derek Barnett to add to the list. I am starting to see a trend. MCDC and co. are all about player development. Giving those young, high draft pick players a 2nd chance because of their upside.


Arden Key and Edmunds or Peppers would be a good ending to this FA period. I really like the Hughes signing. Think he has a lot of potential here.

I’d like Edmunds more than Peppers though.



I think timing has a lot to do with it too…

  • Goff with A Lynn calling plays, a rookie LT, and fodder at WR- dumpster fire!
  • Goff with DC, adding old friend Reynolds, having ASB emerge and getting Decker back which kicked Sewell to RT… finished 3-1 and had 11-2 TD/INT ratio.

C Harris as DE with a hand in the dirt as a rookie? Then moved to a LB, and never really even got a 50% snap share. Tough to be a rookie with first round expectations during a tear down.

We need to take a chance on former top talents Peppers or Edmunds

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Scary thought we agree to often lately. I like both those an that would be nice fit heading to draft. Arden Key and Edmunds


My 3 remaining free agents left that I’d like the lions to scoop up are…

Edmunds(needs to fix his tackling issues) tons of potential

Herndon(has had a few good seasons as tight end) perfect #2

Rasheed Greene(breakout season) can play DT or As a big end in a 4 lineman alignment

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Agree on all fronts.

Okudah, AO, Iffy, Jacob, and Hughes is a stout CB group


Did you forget Parker?

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I was ready to ask same thing

Plus Parker. Stout is a strong word, but i see the potential for sure.

I mentioned this in a thread regarding our LB’s, but it quite simply adds more competition, talent, and depth to the room. Forces these dudes to step it up in off-season through camp and beyond to compete for a starting role (and therefore future $). Competition in this CB room is especially important with a couple guys coming off serious injuries. Rehab like hell and show up ready to play, or ride the pine and lower your stock.

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Moves like these make me feel like they Lions are trying to raise the overall talent floor of the team.
I understand that these aren’t moves that will take the Lions over the top, they’re more intended to raise the bar of the talent level on this team. I felt like they did this under Caldwell as well, but the draft failures kept it from fully taking form. Mercy…I do wish they had hired a different GM than Quinn…Caldwell may have actually turned out to be a winner here (playoffs).

I think if they continue to find pieces that raises our talent floor and they actually hit on their draft picks…well you get the picture, we could see more growth than many will expect from this club.


Any word on Key’s visit!?

He’s taking his other visits that were planned. It’s what he wanted to do going in per PFT.

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I’d hold off until I visited the Jaguars too. With the oversized contracts they’ve been giving out….


No doubt when they spoke with Key they told him exactly how they plan to use him
If he likes the plan, he will be here vs Jacksonville.
Also, he should like the idea of playing for MCDC

Probably get no more than a 2 year deal — most likely a one year deal.

At least we can be confident that the Lions will stick with their budget and plan.

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I wonder how they, coaches/front office, are feeling about the d-tackles right now. McNeil was a hit - returning starter. I loved the Brockers trade, but he didn’t play very well last year. Levi will obviously get more time to improve, but he graded out as one of the worst interior players in the league last year. Pennisini I want to like. He looks like a run stuffing rotational nose tackle, but our run defense isn’t good and he doesn’t grade very well against the run.

I know that PF isn’t perfect, but they know more than I do.

I wonder if we start Levi and give him a chance to sink/swim, but also wouldn’t mind signing a veteran like Hicks or someone to a short term deal.

Also, if a top run stuffer like Farrell (I know this is a FA thread) is there in the 6th I love picking him up to back up McNeil.

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Definitely a strong word lol. But it feels like this kinda precludes us from taking a CB high. No way we carry 7 CBs and I have to believe they have faith in Hughes/ the development of iffy and crew.

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Feels like like he’s waiting until after the draft at this point.