Mike 'Stoney' Stone to step down from 97.1 The Ticket morning show after NFL season

Spent a lot of years listening to Stoney on the radio. He was good.

Loved the old “Stoney & Wojo” show on WDFN. Didn’t listen much in his morning shift on the Ticket. But his co-workers shit on him for things he does or spoke. He always took it in stride and a good sport. I’ll miss him.

“I did cocaine”.

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He got pretty choked up talking about it yesterday. He’ll still be around plenty though. The Lions post-game with Jennifer Hammond will be good.

And with him filling it, it’ll be nice hearing him in other slots that aren’t 6-10 am.

They haven’t announced it but Jon isn’t going anywhere so this will be Costa. He’s already their lead fill in guy, does weekends, does Lions pre-show and has numerous podcasts on the station with Valenti. He’s really good, but even if he wasn’t he’s a shoe-in by default because there is no way that are giving that spot to Brian Chapman and there’s no way Caputo would commit to it.

And it works out for all; show ends at 10 which is around the time Valenti’s crew gets in there for show prep. Costa can bust out his podcast and go enjoy his day and finally his weekends. Along with a well-earned raise I’m sure.

That said, Stoney is such an unintentional riot I will miss him for sure.

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I miss Baligian and Killer in the AM. Those 2 were great together.

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The original WDFN crew was the best!