Mike Williams...Update...Breathing On His Own

Prayers up!



Williams suffered injuries when a steel beam fell on his head.

I take solace in things like this, knowing he likely didn’t feel anything.


It wasn’t me:


It wasn’t me either:

Originally, I assumed that it was former Lions’ 1st rd pick WR. But, a tragedy, nonetheless.


Life is so short. Don’t forget that. Tell your loved ones everyday how much they mean to you.

What’s interesting is he was working construction. Everyone always thinks these kids retire wealthy and live their days on a yacht in the tropics.

Condolences to his family.


Tragic and sad

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Being in the industry that caught my eye as well, I work with or interact with several former pro athletes in my business. Steel beam fell on his head is reported cause, some interesting details in that incident for certain.

Really tragic news. May he rest in peace.

Sad news !! RIP my man !! That catch he had at USC one handed was awesome !!

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This is a different Mike Williams, not our 1st round bust. He went to Syracuse.


Me as well. I actually have a couple on my payroll. I have also went into business with a few in the past but we turned that company for a profit.

That’s why I commented about how so many are working normal jobs after leaving the game.

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He isn’t dead.

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Great news!

Steel beam to the head and still fighting…yeah, you go Mike.


Sadly… it looks as though he may be paralyzed from the waist down… and may not have use of his right arm.


How shitting is our media. He isnt even dead think about is loved ones reading this crap.

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Who confirms sources? Just be glad they arent making it up entirely

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I hope he pulls through but unfortunately that doesn’t sound very hopeful.

He needs a miracle right now and I hope for him and his family he gets one.

Praying for a miracle.


I agree there was once a time when the media would be crucified for making a false report like this without proper verification.

Todays media just doesn’t care and there’s no way of holding the accountable.