Minkah off the board

The Steelers must have a lot of faith in Rudolph. That could end up being a very high first round pick. I assume their planning to play to that defense which should be excellent.

A player with his versatility would have been a nice asset to have in this defense. I’d have given a first for him.

Mia is in full blown rebuild mode and their shipping out young talent.

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Even with a very high first round pick the chances of landing a guy as good as Minkah isn’t very good.


I would trade a first plus a little for Ramsey, but this kid hasn’t shown enough yet. Would he really be a big upgrade for the Lions at the 2nd CB spot to be worth that much?

I have to say that it does bode well for Pittsburgh that they are not focused on getting in position for a QB. We will see but Miami made a great move in acquiring that pick with the potential of a top ten pick as they need a QB. Jax could use a top QB, but who do they trade with to get that possibility? Teams in that position are usually in need of a QB and aren’t going to give it up for a DB.

Would Minkah be an asset to our secondary? Yes.


Details of the trade are now listed as the Dolphins trading Minkah Fitzpatrick along with a 4th round pick in the 2020 draft and a seventh-round pick in the 2021 draft in exchange for Pittsburgh’s first round pick and fifth round pick in the 2020 draft as well as Pittsburgh’s 6th round pick in the 2021 draft

Miami= tigers and I don’t think either has a clue what they are doing

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Just depends. I’d rather have Grant Delpit, Chase Young, Jerry Jeudy or A. J. Espenesza than Minkah. I doubt the Steelers are that bad though.

You’ve never seen a single one of them play down in the NFL.

I think Miami watched the Colts and Browns tank for their franchise QB, and have decided to suck their way to the top (teehee).

They should man up and issue refunds to any season ticket holders that want them. This is an embarassment to the game.

I get that, but I have seen Minkah play 5 games in the NFL. I’m comfortable enough which my perception of each of those guys floors to take the risk on their higher ceiling.

I completely agree with you on that. If the NFL did jack after Jim Isray lied about Luck’s shoulder though, then I don’t see them suddenly caring about this.

That’s what people always say. The shiny lottery ticket is always more valuable to them.

The NFL isn’t as heavy handed as the NBA, so I’m not sure what the league could or would even be able to do about it right now. I just think it sucks for people who shelled out money for a team that isn’t giving an honest effort to win. Its a transaction made in bad faith by one party. This isn’t to say EVERYBODY needs a refund. But if someone feels truly burned by the team, I think they should be given their money back. I’m making the distinction between a team that just flat out sucks vs a team that’s clearly trying to tank like the Dolphins are.

You just described the Detroit Lions under Ford ownership for 60+ years. Jussssss sayin’

Of course they do, Wes. But at the same time GMs have to trust their valuations. If a particular GM is sold on Young as a All Pro level DE then he’s not going to trade that pick for Minkah.

I don’t see any way the Steelers pick THAT high though.