Minnesota offense is pathetic

Kirk Cousins: 3 years, $84M

Stefon Diggs: 5 years, $81M

Adam Thielen: 4 years, $64M

Vikings: 31st in passing yards per game, 32nd in passing first downs per game

Dallas offense is pathetic.

Zeke Elliott: 6 years, $90M. 35 yards rushing on 18 carries against the Saints defense.

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I think Minnesota will get if fixed. There’s too much WR talent there not to do so.

Freebird I respectfully disagree. I think they have the best overall skill sets in our division with wrs, te, and rb (we aren’t too far behind tho) but Cousins has proven he is an expensive version of kitna. His stats will always make people think he’s better than he is but in big games and moments he’ll turn it over (60 fumbles since 2015…YIKES) miss a wide open throw (missed wide open TDs 3x yesterday alone) or just flat out panic. Their defense is still ok but no longer dominant. They will be lucky to finish 8-9 wins.

the key is pressure. he folds horribly under pressure. if we play our normal D against him I expect he’ll actually do okay. I think we can beat them but we’ll make him look better.

Kirk Cousins has started 7 road games vs winning teams with the Vikings.

Tied Packers (2018 Week 2)
Lost to Rams (2018 Week 4)
Lost to Bears (2018 Week 11)
Lost to Patriots (2018 Week 13)
Lost to Seahawks (2018 Week 14)
Lost to Packers (2019 Week 2)
Lost to Bears (2019 Week 4)

I 100% agree with Iggy on this one. Kirk Cousins is the version of ‘Pad Statford’ that many Lions fans in the past attributed to Stafford.

This is really surprising considering all the talent they have on offense.

Dalvin Cook is having a monster year running the ball and they have two very good WR’s. I have to admit that I have not watched any of the Vikings games so i don’t know why that offense has struggled. It could be that Cousins is overrated and doesn’t make the good throws in crunch time. Either way, I’m loving this!!!

Remember that time in the 3rd quarter yesterday, when they said the Vikings had 55 yards of offense? That was great. I could have listened to that all day long.

The flip side of that is the Bears have a really good defense.

They have Marinelli v2 at HC.

Minny is 31st in pass percentage. 1 of 2 teams in the whole NFL who run more than pass.

Yep, Dallas crapped away another game and are a clown show, pathetic! LOL

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Apparently, given the last 2 games, they have gotten it fixed.

Thielen and Diggs can play on my team any day they wanted.
Those guys have great hands.
I’m guessing every QB in the league would love to have a pair of WRs like that.

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