Missed challenge flag opportunity. We need to be better in SF

I went catatonic on that. I think we gave them a touchdown. Really hope the Lions check in to see what happened there. Also, that is not on Dan, it’s on the boys in the booth.

I want them to have superhero vision for the NFC championship game, because the 49ers at home will have the benefit of the those calls.


Can we publicly flog the first poster that mentions “Wide Right”?

I disagree. They run that same play from the 50 and it’s still a touchdown.

Maybe, but it was the perfect call against our blitz, which maybe we don’t do if it’s 3rd and long.


But do lions call same defense play?

I don’t know. I just know they made that look very easy. After watching that, I feel like they could have gotten out of their own endzone with that play.

IMO whether they would have scored or not anyway isn’ the point.

That’s a HUGE play whatever comes next. You just CAN’T have guys in the booth missing that.


This is the point.

Doesn’t matter if they would’ve scored anyway. We absolutely cannot have a booth person missing this in a divisional playoff game. Or any game, but definitely not in late January. Unacceptable.


The Chiefs missed a challenge on an illegal forward pass.

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THAT was egregious.

Ours would have been aided by additional coverage, but as we know, Collinsworth and the league wanted the Bucs to win so they didn’t show it until after the snap.

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My understanding is they are watching different camera angles, not relying on TV footage. Could be wrong.

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This may be so, but it sure feels sometimes like they’re needing our replay or the the replay on the scoreboard to pick up on it.

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did the pass make it to the LOS?

The “Boys in the Booth” have been failing the Lions all year as proven by Campbell’s abysmal record on challenge flags. Either there’s a technology issue and/or the personnel need to be upgraded.

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I would say he was out of the pocket and it made it past the LOS. Also it was called incomplete on the field and I’m not sure they overturn that call. We still had them in 3rd and long and they seemed content to get a few yards and kick the field goal. We let them have the TD. Great play call by them.

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