Mitch Albom: The perm is making a comeback, but not to this head

@BigNatty for some reason, I thought of you.

He seems like a pretty well intentioned guy… Even if he does have hair

I’ve had the same hairstyle since 1998

The broccoli haircut is the worst thing to happen to men’s fashion since skinny jeans.

Disagree. Two Words.



Some dudes could pull that off.

Not many, but some.

Who the hell has “pulled off” the broccoli cut?

That’s right: nobody.

Just shake my head when I see them. Immediately think of soy boy wearing skinny jeans.

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Do jheri curls count as a broccoli cut?

Because Lionel Ritchie had the baddest ass jheri mullet in history

I dont think so.; let’s compare. I think the broccoli cut is 1000% douchier.

Also, I feel like I need a shower after having this on my phone.

There were consequences though


Thats horrifying.

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I’m shocked every time I see men with hair covering up their cranium. Why???

:muscle: :sunglasses:

I think part of being a young dude is constantly being the butt of society’s practical jokes.

The setup is always the same… “Chicks dig it if you… [insert crazy-ass shit here]”.

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I remember being down in a courtroom in Detroit that had a jury box. Every seat against the wall had a corresponding stain just above it. Looked like they had been there for damn near 50 years.

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Coming To America Lol GIF by HBO Max

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Funny, i grew my hair out long foe the first time over COVID and have kept it ever since. Luckily nobody saw the awkward stage!

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While it is difficult for me to get behind your “fashion consciousness,” It is SO easy for me to get behind you as a human. sure am glad you are here and part of the brotherhood, my man.

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Oh trust me I have zero fashion consciousness.

I am one small step away from wearing Crocs in public. My back and knees will thank me for it.

I will 100% be the Italian & Native guy stereotype in a velvet jumpsuit in a few years.

I honestly just have always wanted to try longer hair, playing hockey and being a pro wrestler. I just couldn’t stand the thought of a good chunk of the year being horrid as it came out.

I joke that once I’m 40 I’ll cut it, dye it and spike it like I always used to. I’ve got two years and a month to think about it – I’ve grown to like the current look.

(All the more hair to hide wrinkles, eh?)

Thanks for the kind words.

Love all of this, bro! :pray: :pray:

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