Mitch Trubiski Chicago Bears QB

I read Trubiski might not play. This couldn’t hurt our chances any. Chase Daniel might start in his place.

Personally, I think that would suck! There is no joy beating a team that is hamstrung, for me.
I want wins because we are that good!
I’m jealous as hell of KC and the Rams! Two young teams that are just that good. They don’t have to hope another team’s best players don’t play.


Nobody cried fir us when we didnt have Ziggy for the last 2 years…wins are wins baby. Lets go chase Chase.


Or when Stafford hurt his throwing finger. Or when most of our OL was injured. Injuries happen.

Personally I think Chicago is a tough team to beat because of their defense. Not because of their QB.


I wonder if Chase will share his boogers with his teammates being that it’s Thanksgiving

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Prepare for Chase Daniels to look like John Elway…seriously, it’s what we do. :wink:

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I agree but Chicago didn’t seem to mind that we didn’t have Slay or Golden when they rubbed our nose in it so I say pay backs are a bitch.


I agree with sleeps on this. No excuses when the Lions are down a starter or one is injured. The same goes for the other team also.

Chase Daniels has been in this offense longer then Mitchell.

So who’s offense is better off, taking into consideration the current injuries?

The Bears = back up Qb with all their offensive weapons available to support him


The Lions = Starting Qb with none of their offensive weapons available to support him (Tate gone, Jones out, Johnson out, Golladay will have the full attention of the entire Bears defense).

I’d say the Bears are still better off offensively that the Lions right now.

And don’f forget, our offense has to contend with their defense, while their offense has to contend with our defense…again, edge goes to the Bears.