MJD NFL RB Index, Week 9: Re-drafting rookie running backs -- De'Von Achane


I was as big a fan as anyone of Achane, but he would not be having near this amount of success on any team but the Dolphins. He’s a niche player and on a team that uses that niche as well as anyone else.

And the concern with him was always his size re: injuries, and what do you know, he’s been injured for half the season now. Has to be penalized for that.


Achane’s stats are ridiculous. Kudos to him. (And I LOVE how low-key he is after a big play.) But when you look at what he does on the field vs. what Gibbs does, there is NO WAY I would trade our guy for him. W/Bijan, OTOH, there’s a legit debate to be had. Two spectacular talents. I hope both guys stay healthy so we can keep having it.

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