MLB Baseball Thread

Starting a new thread because the old Tigers thread is older than my cousin.

One huge improvement I really like this year is the length of game. We made it to mid season the game lengths are on average 30 mins shorter than last year. I sure wish the NFL would do something similar.

And Go Jays Go!

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Also, is Ohtani even human!? On pace for 55+ homers and 15 wins pitching. How is that shit even possible?

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Ohtani currently leads MLB in OPS as a batter and the American League in lowest OPS allowed as a pitcher. Mindblowing

I have been buying what I can afford of his cards at a mid level non-autograph , grading them and flipping them…but with rhis latest batch am thinking of holding, or at least holding a few and try to pick up an autographed rookie in the offseason withthe funds from the flips instead of just continuing his cards as an income stream. Besides, football is coming and I can flip QBs all day.

Here is the latest 8 of 10 to go out this weekend to PSA for grading, 2 in transit to me. 10 more at PSA now.


Ohtani > Babe

There is so much talent in the league right now but the league needs to figure out how to market it. Elly De La Cruz could be a national sensation if framed in the right way.

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Julio Rodriguez. 2nd year, 22 yrs old. Tracking a 28 hr 90 rbi 40 steal season…and is being called “disappointing” with a .245 batting average due to a lower batting average on balls in play of .298 (.345 last year) because pitchers are staying away and he took 2 months to figure out how to counter it.

He is a superstar talent. And Acuna is better…and he is hitting .330 with 20 HR and 40 steals in year 4 at age 23…

Yknow how many 40 hr 70 steal seasons there are, ever?


Yeah they need a lot of help marketing

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Not sure about that. Really, no.

Ruth’s hitting numbers are not really reachable nowadays

Not just the raw numbers, but the slugging % and how far above league average he was in everything.

He is still MLBs all time leader in Slugging%, OPS and OPS+ and will be possibly forever. Bonds was a HOF before the roids and then with the roids matched Ruth for half his career, and Roid Bonds is the closest we’ve seen to him.

Ruth made 145 starts… Ohtani half.that so far, though Ohtani’s ERA relative to the league is 45% better(which is fantastic) and Ruth’s was 22% better(For comparison, Jack Morris, HOF pitcher was only 10% better for his career though he is bottom 3 among HOF in that measure)

Ruth though, his bat…his average season…was .343/.474/.690. The league leaders each year don’t do any of those…even adjusting for different eras…it’s wackadoodle beyond.

Ohtani’s bat is MVP level, but its still not comparable to Ruth.


There are so many awesome young players right now. Of all flavors as well.

I do think the League’s push to prioritize athleticism and the pace of the game will pay off. It will take time. They had a slow descent in to a not particularly watchable product unless something was on the line.


And Ohtani is fit :slight_smile: Can run and steal bases.

Acuna having an amazing season. I like the new rule limiting pickoff attempts, a lot more action on the bases. Steals seem to be way up this year.

Imagine Ricky Henderson was playing with these new rules, the bases are bigger too. Ricky would steal 200 bases in 1 season.

The pitch clock and no more defensive shifts are my favorite off-season moves by MLB.


Ohtani hit # 30 tonight, 493 feet, longest HR in MLB this year.

His slash line now stands at .309/.397/.678. Look up at Ruth’s average year again.

Ohtani’s OPS+, measure of Onbase Plus Slugging% as compared to league average is 187(where 100= league average). In his best year with the bat by a wide margin and he is 87% better than the league. Utter domination.

Ruth’s Career OPS+ is 206. Peak 255 with 6 seasons over 220. 140 is considered the low range if a MVP level year

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Larry David Hbo GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bobby Bonilla Baseball GIF by FirstAndMonday

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Sarah Langs




Ronald Acuña Jr is the first player with 20+ HR & 35+ SB before the All-Star break AND THERE’S STILL A WEEK-PLUS BEFORE THE BREAK

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Balco Bonds had three of four years above that OPS+ level. Including one year with an OBP of .609.

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Happy Bobby Bonilla day!!!

Today is the first day of July, and for the past 12 years, that has meant former New York Mets star Bobby Bonilla is $1.2 million richer.

Bonilla, who retired from Major League Baseball in 2001, collects a check for $1,193,248.20 from the Mets every July 1 from 2011 through 2035, when he’ll be 72 years old. The six-time All-Star is still receiving sizable payments from his former team after the two sides agreed to a deferred contract buyout in 2000.

That year, the Mets opted to buy out the remainder of Bonilla’s $5.9 million contract. However, Mets ownership at the time – comprised of Fred Wilpon, his son Jeff, and his brother-in-law Saul Katz – was invested with famed Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, and instead agreed to make deferred payments to Bonilla. That agreement included annual payments of about $1.2 million for 25 years, beginning July 1, 2011, through July 1, 2035

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I believe the Reds are still paying Griffey Jr. like 3 million this year as well.

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If youve ever played things like StratOMatic/StatisPro/APBA etc…basically Sim leagues…those Bonds hitters cards were absolutely insane…Strat publishes an all time top 10 season for each stat category…hr rbi ob% OPS Wins Ks etc…for every league ever run in their online portals…out of hundreds of thousands of leagues…and those 2 MLB Bonds seasons where he walked 232 times on year and the 73 HR season? Utterly dominate the top 10 of alll relevant hitting categories…

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The Strat Website Algo that runs the sim games, we call it HAL for obvious reasons…well, it hates Ruth And Bonds in the playoffs…and 1968 Bob Gibson…very frustrating