Peter King on Lions’ Matt Patricia: He already looks done Peter King on Lions’ Matt Patricia: He already looks done.

He really does appear to be going through the motions. Holy shit do I ever hope that’s wrong, but it really appears to be the case.

We’ve gotta do something quick.
Wasted Barry’s career.
Wasted Calvin’s career.
Wasted Kevin Jones.
Wasted Suh.
Wasting Stafford.

Mulebach still has a chance. :wink:


I watch the interview on and the guy is basically sounded like he wants to be fired. Sound like a beaten man

I think there is a lot smoke billowing up around BQ & MP not having nearly the synergy that was advertised. I think Bob falls in love with players (no better example than Teeez) and doesn’t listen to anyone else once his heart is set. He should have hooked up his coach, who’s on his last leg, with a player that he wanted and could help with one of the Lions biggest needs…some sort of pass rush.

I do wonder if Patricia with his petty behavior is just done and is being stubborn about his game plan because Quinn wouldn’t get him the players he wanted. I know it’s a reach…but there’s a bigger issue between them than we can know or understand. IMHO

I would be surprised if he got a DC job after this debacle. He really showed the world that he is a joke… and the Pats defense got so much better after he left. He has been getting beat like a drum now going on 4 years in this league. His defense was atrocious getting destroyed by Nick Foles. Only way Patricia gets another DC job is if its a former Pat hiring him.

There’s a bigger issue in the locker room than fans will understand. There’s an underlying issue and MP can’t overcome it.

He’s done now that the national media is reporting on it. It’s just a matter of time.


Actually I think Stafford looks and sounds more done than MP.

Yeah, Staff has a broken back and still has to trot out there and get his ass kicked.

Patty just has to ride around on a scooter and go home and eat his feelings.

Not really, I don’t see anyone blaming Stafford, just imbeciles calling a person fat and stupid.

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Smartest guy in the Taco Bell takeout line.

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