mLive: Get Ready for the Montez Sweat to Detroit mocks

Well, there goes my “hope he slips to the 2nd and the Lions grab him” guy.

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They definitely missed an easy meme opportunity wease! Thankfully we have you.

I am easy, true

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He’s a hell of a player, but why exactly did he get dismissed from MSU? I know he won’t talk about it to the media, but the Lions better make sure he tells them the whole truth about what happened.

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He got caught wearing a Woverine T-shirt. Intolerable.

Here ya go, from a DetNews article recently;

“It was all on me and my boy Tez,” Evans said. “You can call Tez and he’ll tell you the same thing. Us leaving Michigan State was on us. We forced Coach D’s hands. He told us, ‘Once you put me in a situation to where it’s out of my hands, I can’t do nothing for you anymore. I’m going to go to war for you as long as I can.’ Me and Tez, we fell short end on the weed situation.”

Sweat said while he wasn’t discussing his dismissal with the media, he is being open with NFL teams. He is projected as a top-10 pick in the NFL Draft.

“It was just personal reasons,” Sweat said. “I tell them everything, I tell them all the details and that’s just something I’m keeping personal with all the teams.”

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Thanks for the info, Adrian. If he got kicked out of MSU for weed only, then that’s a terrible reason to possibly screw up a kid’s life. Hopefully there isn’t more going on there that nobody is talking about. I’d hate to see the Lions spend the 8OA on Sweat only to have something really bad come up about him.

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"Me and Tez, we fell short end on the weed situation.”

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And with a tall ceiling it sounds like. If we don’t trade down, he has to be the pick. All of his combine numbers look pretty solid.

"Sweat was recruited by Michigan State as a tight end after playing multiple positions in high school, but moved to defensive end as a freshman. Following his dismissal, he spent one season at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Wesson, Miss., where he was able to hone his skills as a defensive end.

But he’s still fairly new to football after not playing the sport until his senior year of high school."

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