MMQB: Inside the Lions' Offseason Overhaul


Holmes now describes the offer like this: “We could’ve made the move and possibly still been in position to land [Sewell].”

What a great article, thanks for sharing! Love the positive energy that seems to be flowing around the Lions leadership.

Does anyone know more about that quote from the article? Theories?

Because moving down likely would’ve led to the Panthers’ taking Sewell, and the Lions’ losing him altogether.

Sounds like Denver trying to jump Carolina, but they don’t come out and say it.

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Fun, a concept long forgotten around here. Glad to see it’s back.

“So on that Thursday night in April, they let the world see that passion, and the fun they were all having. And the best part of the story, really, is in how naturally all this came together.”


“We were talking about grit. This dude’s got grit,” Campbell said. “He plays dirty, he’s nasty, he gets after people. And I would say this: When he makes a mistake, it’s because he’s trying to kill people. I would rather have a guy you coach backwards from there than a guy you’re constantly having to pry, Man, finish your blocks, would you finish your blocks? You go the other way with this guy, like, Hey would you settle everything down a little bit? You don’t have to kill everybody you hit .”


Awesome article thank you for posting!

Two things - 1) who was the other player in the 2nd rd they were thinking of taking instead of Levi? Just curious… and 2) the part about the Patriots changing their draft style and being more collaborative after BB would do “smartest guy in the room” moves… sound familiar???

Anyway that was a great read about our new staff!


I was just typing something about that. Really is fascinating. There were 3 players:
“there was another player they never expected to fall out of the first round who was still on the board, and one more they regarded highly, right there with Onwuzurike, also available.”
I’m guessing the “one right there with Onwuzurike” was Barmore?
Who was the other “never expected to fall out of the first round”


Holmes figured out how Campbell and his new staff valued explosiveness across the board, and saw size and length as key in certain positions, and particularly on defense, as a key to maintaining a certain level of play and making it through an entire season. And both got a chance to learn how the other wanted to go about finding players to fit the new program.

For this regime, going forward, I think we can rule out guys like 5’8" 179 lb Safety Ar’Darius Washington who, while very productive at the college level, simply didn’t fit the Lions profile.


Thanks for posting. Great insight on the draft and the inner workings of Holmes and Campbell. OH YEAH!

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I think Denver made an offer to move up to No. 7 ahead of Carolina. However, I think Denver was better off sitting pat as I think they got the better CB anyway.


You have to wonder if they got who they wanted anyhow, too.


I’m curious too. But we might never find out. From a draftnik perspective Moehrig and JOK were 2 of the biggest names still on the board when the 2nd round started.

I think Barmore was definitely one of them. The other might have been Javonte Williams who had some significant 1st Round buzz. S Trevor Moehrig, who fit a position of need, but also fit the size/speed profile, is another possibility.

But JOK had the medical issue, so I don’t think a new regime was going to take a chance on a player with a medical problem in their first draft.

So Moehrig and Barmore? What do our resident Kiper and McShay think? (@CuriousHusker and @Thats2)

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Screw Denver! Friggin RB thieving pricks! I"m gonna be so pissed, when I watch hi lights of him slamming people into the next level of the D.


My guess is that it was Moehrig. Given we went hard after John Johnson and failed, I thought Safety would be a big target early as the position was pretty thin. I can’t see it being Barmore as with both guys playing the same position, they certainly had them ranked which would have made the decision easy. I do think they probably had Moehrig ranked a little higher, which made the collective believe that they should follow the board. But they probably just loved Onwuzurike’s game so much that they pulled out of BPA mode and went cluster mode with the guy they really liked best. I’m fine with it. I liked both Grant and Holland better than Moehrig, but I was in the minority.

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That’s kind but I don’t have even a fraction of the knowledge of @Thats2 and many others on here. Nor do I have Mel’s hair 🥲

As for Moehrig seemed like safety wasn’t viewed with the same sense of urgency in Allen Park as it was on here. We also seemed to steer clear of injury question marks so perhaps his back was a factor as well.

As for Barmore, based off of what Louis Riddick said after the Levi pick Barmore is a better two gapper but Levi has more upside as a penetrator/disrupter :man_shrugging:

I have to be honest. Levi wasn’t really on my radar. Now they I’ve familiarized myself with him as a person and a player I do like the pick. But more than anything I just really trust Brad. We’re in good hands for once IMO.


“passion for football,” seen on tape and verified in a player’s backstory, became a non-negotiable. Which helped lead them to Sewell.

Suuuuch a difference. People with passion coaching people with passion. Our entire staff is a bunch of football junkies. their identity is football, and they are having fun with this…and part of fun is whipping ass (physically, not just on the scoreboard.). That’s going to be a big difference in culture that Patricia could never ever infuse, because it was never part of who he was. Dan, Brad, Speilmaan and the boys meet thier need for certainty, significance, growth, contribution, connection, variety…all of it…thorugh FOOTBALL…it’s their friggin’ identity. Patricia was a “scientist”. The way he meets his need and feels safe in the world is by being smarter than everyone else. That doesn’t translate to making athletes feel inspired, even if he was (which he’s not), football smart.

LOVE this change.

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Ojulari is a possibility as well. But again given the knee concerns and us staying with clean medical I’m not sure that it’s either he or JOK.

Asante Samuel Jr. perhaps :man_shrugging:

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Hard to say about Barmore because he went No. 38 overall.

Moehrig was still on the board and went two picks later at No. 43 overall, so they may have felt DT was a greater priority than S (and they’re probably right). The defensive line has basically been crap for the past 4-5 seasons (except a brief shining moment for a half a season in 2018 when Damon Harrison decided to play for his next contract extension).

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