MMW: The Raiders will be sold in the next few years; Casinos involved

Red Rock/Stations Casinos gets sold, minus the Palms – then the Fertitta family buys the team.

Not sure if anyone cares or wants to do some trading with the casino stocks, but there you have it.

Palms just got renovated, and will be in prime position by being close to all the sports teams in town.

Also: Rio is looking to be sold & imploded to make way for a professional baseball stadium. But in the meantime, they have some awesome zip lines up!

And as of this morning, RR stocks is up over $1 …

If you want something even more risky/juicy:

There is a casino across the street from Wynn that is yet to be completed. It looks just like Wynn’s two casinos though, and its intentional. Wynn missed EBITDA by 30% this quarter.

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I’m guessing the Raiders go to the Super Bowl next year.
Not kidding.

How ya figure?

They’re moving to Las Vegas. That should be enough to put them over the top.
Still serious.

Feel free to contribute to my local community with that bet, I’m staying far away from both the bet and the games!