MNF Rams v Chiefs

Wow. Instant classic

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That was interesting. Only thing that could have topped it, was if KC managed to get down the field for at least a chance to tie it up or win outright.

Edit: although the more I think about, it was pretty sloppy in all facets of the game.

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What a game! Patricia/JBC need help. These are two very young QB’s. Maholmes is either a freak of nature or Andy Reid is.

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Both; which is why this was such a great combo.

It reminded me of what you said though: why not do what they did and get coaches that suited their team, rather than build around a coach?

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I turned it off after Donald forced a Goff fumble. Between flags and turnovers at that point, I was no longer interested.

Understandable, but the media pundits are gushing over this one. Saying they want that for the Superbowl.

Yeah, I’ve read Daniel Jeremiah and Dan Orlovsky raving about it this morning. I might fire it back up on gamepass to see what all the carrying on is about, but, really, sloppy football is not for me.

That game will be hard to top…easily the best game I have watched in years. Scores looked like no defence was played but there was a lot of points scored by the defences too.

Kinda wanna see a Superbowl rematch but it may not live up to the hype!


Rams are my fantasy defense. Despite yielding 50 points I scored nearly 30 points

Still lost by a few though because like a bonehead I started Fitztragic over Luck

I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t really enjoy the game as much. I couldn’t stand how the league is moving to an offensive league . It was sloppy defense .