**MNF Thread**

With Eli’s drawl, I thought he called the Giants’ last play before the half a complete shit instead of a completion. It would have been an accurate statement.

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so glad we didn’t pay Holliday…trash

How on effing earth did they NOT review the last play before halftime??

It was a turnover… in the final 2 minutes of a half… and should have been automatically reviewed!!!

After the fumble… Winfield picked up the ball… was touched by Slayton while his knee still touched the turf… with 1 second left on clock. Bucs should have had a play from the 45 yard line. I noticed this in live action… after several beverages… so how did a paid official miss it??? Cheebuss… this is getting ridiculous.


Zebras freaking did it again tonight!!!

Last night they called a BS illegal formation on Chargers for only 6 men on LOS… and just called Evans for it tonight.

What is crazy… aside from the fact that Evans is more on the LOS than the OLT… is that tje flag was thrown by a ref standing back at the 20 yard line… and not the side judge who is standing on the mf’ing LOS!

Evans is at bottom of pic…

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Where is Jones throwing that ball!?

Holy hell… I shit you not… this is the VERY next play… and he lined up no closer to the LOS in the exact same formation… and no flag!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

You are right again.

Terrible football game. Joe Judge going to be fired very soon.

A former Patriots coach proving he isn’t worth 2 ■■■■■ outside of the Boston Bubble? Who woulda thought?

GIF by Entertainment Tonight

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Bill Belichick Wink GIF by New England Patriots

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