**MNF Thread**

Well that was easy for Brady! 7-0 before I could even crack my beverage.

Ha, we both posted MNF thread at same time…Toms gonna get another SB this year isn’t he…ffs

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I would never count Brady out, how could we?

Will tonite be Golladay’s 1st Giants TD!?

Man, Jones has worse QB vision than Goff…dude’s already not even looked at a few guys wide open for possible TD’s.

Should have been… 1st and 10 …at 15 yard line… Danny just ignored him on a post route and KG had an easy TD if he throws it to him.

We should all just admit it…Brady’s gonna win another SB this year.

Gotta get that 1st one before Thanksgiving.

Suh just blasted Jones!

Love Parcells busting the Mannings’ chops! :laughing:

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Put Mike Evans on the highlight reel teaching young players why you don’t body catch.

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The old tackle eligible, nice play.

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Uhoh, look out Tom, got a game!..for now…

just to clarify… in 2021…

315lb OT Andrew Thomas… 1 TD.

KG… zero.

$18 million doesn’t get ya much these days… :rofl:


Gronk is back!

Payton and Eli have Kevin Hart as a guest. GOLD.

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And he did a hands catch right after they got the ball because Mike Evans tried to body catch.

Some of these lineman (offensive and defensive) can catch passes better than we’ve ever been allowed to see. Its why I am against overinvesting in TE’s. My version of a blocking TE is an athletic OL or I will convert a DE.

And just to take this to another level. When I’m scouting players in college, I’m going to ask who the best basketball players are amongst the fat boys. I guarantee you there are some lineman buried on the depth chart who could move to TE and make it pop.

in your face suck it GIF by Heute-Show

Gotta check out that www.Thailittleleaguefootball79fjjdhdh4756.com website at half time! lol

That play was weird… Evans seemed to quit on the pass when Johnson reached up for the ball.
I have to think it was a called run play and Brady decided to throw it quick… but neither WR seemed to know who was the intended target.

Anyone else see that little quick pass to Toney and think… that is exactly the kind of play that makes me want to sign Cordarrelle Patterson???

Did you all see Perriman’s dropped TD pass! That’s B. Holmes boy!