Mock draft from Yahoo sports

This will get some conversation going. Bryce Young at #6.
2023 NFL mock draft 2.0: Bears don’t go QB in first round, but rival Packers do (

I’d take a trade down and I am sure there would be takers.
I honestly think he would never slide that far.

I’d take Young in a second if Carter and Anderson aren’t on the board. Those are the 3 premium prospects in this draft and even if we wind up sticking with Goff, you can trade Young down the road for a huge bounty. Teams should be drafting QBs far more often than they do, IMO.

That said I agree that it’s unlikely he falls. Not impossible, GMs are gonna be scared shitless of Young’s outlier size, so it could happen. Still think it’s unlikely though.


This is like the best mock ever. Chicago misses out on the trade down haul and takes the guy we got in the 6th round last year. The Lions get the best QB prospect in the last couple of years. And the Packers get Anthony Richardson. This guy must be a Lions fan.


We would never draft Bryce Young at #6. With the Raiders, Falcons and Panthers immediately following, we’d legitimately trade down for the boatload of picks the Bears threw in the garbage. Because I say so…

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