Mock Draft Simulations

Post your sims here! I would be pretty happy with this one


I’ll be shocked if Brian Thomas makes it out of the top 18. I would love it if we were able to get him though.

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I would too.

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How crazy would our offense be especially if we can figure out LG as well?

Here’s the only one I liked so much I saved it, from a week ago or so:


Absolutely elite. And I don’t think we’d have any trouble figuring out LG, plenty of iOL hit right away from the mid-rounds.


True. Also i say this with the expectation that we will resign Glasgow to battle Sorsdal to play RG.


After the combine Brian Thomas fell to WR4
And 27 over all.

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Mikey Sainristil was a 5th rounder on PFF mock simulator a month ago now he’s #37 overall

Cooper Beebe

He had a great combine as well

Got bored at work so I did a mock and yeah interesting

Context of the trades

29/73/2025 1st/2025 3rd for #10

61/2025 7th for 81/2025 Pit 3rd

81/247 for 82/ 2025 Indy 5th

82 for 100/129

I basically traded 1st/2nd and a 1st/3rd/7th next year into #10/100/129/2025 3rd via Pit/2025 IND 5th

There is an argument that he moves just well enough for us to be interested. I don’t see it personally, but @CuriousHusker does and he’s typically better than me at deciphering how a prospect’s movement skills will play in the league. So I default to his wisdom to an extent, but I also think there are better options (Haynes, McCormick, Amegadjie as a OT/OG, etc…)

These sims will make you crazy.
Take a DT at 29 and there are DT’s at every pick.
Pass on the DT at 29 and dog gone if the rest don’t come off the board.
Take a CB at 38 after a trade back and you’re left with a plethora on your next pick.

Also, I realize that for as much as I want to see us take a starting-caliber G this year, I have no shortlist of players to pull from. I think I’m going to keep it that way until draft day. Ignorance is bliss.


or you trade down 1 spot and the guy you wanted goes to the team who traded up

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His floor is Jax at 17 imo

Ceiling is Chicago at 9

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I took a trade in this sim to move back and gain 3rd round picks

There was a run on CB’s in this mock in the 1st so traded back and still got Tampa in the late 2nd where I think he has value
I love Fiske and I think McCormick is an interesting prospect

Then BH signs a DE and starting CB in FA

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Sacha Baron Cohen Yes GIF by Amazon Prime Video

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The thing I like about Fiske is that you would only be asking him to play on passing downs considering how well we did vs the run last year. I like Ruke in that roll as well.

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Mock simulators are fun but the reality is they’re not going to burn a first round pick on a guy who’s going to be the number six option in our offense at best