Mock Draft Simulations

That’s good because we agree on like 90% so we have to argue about the other 10%… what else can we do besides that to make these next 3 weeks go by :woozy_face:

Mims seems super boom or bust to me. If he stayed another year and could have went #1 than he’s an idiot for coming out this year. ( I don’t know his personal situation, just sayin tho ya know)

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I’m doing a NFLDRAFTBUZZ mock draft right now… they took Quinyon Mitchell for Jets

Can you imagine that. Wow him & Sauce

I hadn’t even thought of that

EDIT and they’ve got him as a S not CB…
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 01-48-54 NFL MOCK DRAFT SIMULATOR WITH TRADES

EDIT 2 They got him!!
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 01-54-22 NFL MOCK DRAFT SIMULATOR WITH TRADES

I tried to get TE Erick All round 7 or Brevyn Spann-Ford couldn’t get them


Chop RobinsonEDGE Penn State


Braden FiskeDT Florida State


Cole BishopS Utah


Jarius MonroeCB Tulane


Hunter NourzadOC Penn State


Caedan WallaceOT Penn State


Qwan’tez StiggersCB Toronto (CFL)

I’m pretty sure if our first 3 picks went like this the entire board would be estatic

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 02-37-19 NFL MOCK DRAFT SIMULATOR WITH TRADES

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Were other teams selecting players?

I just dont see us taking DeJean as a CB. He is a much much better zone CB than man and we know Brad, Dan, and AG love their man corners. I think if we draft him it’s to play safety.

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Yeah the OL got pushed down the board in this draft. Fuaga, Fashanu, Fatanu, Mims etc all went later than usual

Dejean would be a chess piece if we have our starting 5 in the secondary, which we do, he would be able to play any of the spots.

This is true at worst he would probably be the most versatile player in our secondary. A good version of Will Harris lol

Got steals at various positions. I know, won’t happen.

Unrealistic trading around and took more players that is certainly likely but covered all the bases with this one I think …


When you guys do a draft do you pass on guys if you know there is no way that player would be there or do you draft him? Say for instance Rome Odunze is there at 29 do you take him or pass to make it more realistic?

I pass. I also don’t accept trades that aren’t realistic.

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I’ve yet to see Rome there at 29. It’s hard to tell tho because many had Bresee/Nolan Smith going in the teens they went late 1

Every year it’s like that.

I’ve been saying DT Newton late 1 but some places have had him top 15 all year

We will find out soon

I normally stay what could be but sometimes i will take a player i am certain will be gone to see how it affects the draft. Trades i avoid . This is a hard draft when you look at pick 29 I don’t see any position the player selected would start other than a WR. I am looking at this draft more for future roster an improved depth .
I don’t care how the sites rank them example at 29 if Lions like him a lot Frazer would be a great pick for future would he start but he can move in with Rags, one week an GG the next week.
Would he be there at 61 i am not so sure. You would be grooving Rags replacement at Center an if Rags stays you can move him to OG or Frazer to OG. Only position i think starts would be WR if selected high. Depending on how draft falls I am not against a S an 2 CBs . They can draft a edge later to develop while he plays ST

The one pick I wanted at 29 all along has been Barton. For me he just checks all the boxes. He starts at LG from day 1 and can move to C if Rags calls it quits at some point. If he’s not there I would hope to trade down. I have a 1st round grade on 23 players. From 24 thru about 75 I think it is more about what’s your flavor and how they fit your system.

I saw Frazier had a poor big 12 pro day. He ran a 5.23 and his 10 yd split was like a 1.8 I believe he weighed in at 319. I know at the combine he was getting praise just for working out so soon after injury It would be great if he fell to our 2nd round pick.

Graham Barton Head Shot

PICK: 29 RND: 1 (DET)


OT Duke


Braden Fiske Head Shot

PICK: 61 RND: 2 (DET)

Braden FISKE

DL Florida State


Max Melton Head Shot

PICK: 73 RND: 3 (DET)


CB Rutgers


Tip Reiman Head Shot

PICK: 164 RND: 5 (DET)


TE Illinois


Frank Gore Jr. Head Shot

PICK: 201 RND: 6 (DET)

Frank GORE JR.

RB Southern Miss


Trey Taylor Head Shot

PICK: 205 RND: 6 (DET)


S Air Force


Dylan McMahon Head Shot

PICK: 249 RND: 7 (DET)


C North Carolina State

I like this draft but I would have taken the K from Arkansas instead of Mcmahon but McMahon should make the practice squad.

Normally I wouldn’t post one where an unrealistic guy falls, but I couldn’t resist with this one:

Did a draft with others and I like this 3 round no trades

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