Monarrez: Dan Campbell got Lionized but seems focused on one thing: Moving on

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This is funny because I thought the exact same thing. After that game and even really after the penalty. MCDC seemed to have lost his mind. He 100% should have kicked the extra point and taken game into OT. But at that point he was seething, seeing red and beyond normal operating parameters. The post game I thought to myself, he now has felt it, he now knows what it is like to be part of the Lions as a fan/coach/player.

I was a bit concerned about him and was super concerned that this was once again end up being when the BNL reverted back to the SOL.

But MCDC once again sold me on his greatness when he pointed out that the NFL was against all teams. And then gave an example. And I was like, yep that is the way, the only way you move this thing forward. Otherwise you begin to believe that it is stacked against you. But when you move it over to, everyone has it stacked against them and the teams that can overcome that can win it all was when I realized that he is truly the man.

That was a gut punch. But all teams get kicked. It is the ones that get back up and bite that kneecap that win it all. And while we all (well me anyway) feel like Dallas gets all the calls and all the bounces. Dallas has not even been to a Super Bowl in 27 YEARS. So if they are favored the League sure has a funny way of showing it.

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I think his players were 100% on board with going for 2 three times
So, he did the right thing


Oh I realize that his players were on board. But just because the inmates agree with the decision does not make it the correct decision.

And I am not interested in arguing this point. So please do not give me 100 quotes on how everyone agreed with his approach. I am just stating my strong opinion that at that moment after the botched call the best path for victory was taking game to OT. The issue is that the Lions do not have a game changing/play making QB. And I am pro-Goff it is just that those goal line plays like that often stalemate and to win the push you need a game changer with the ball in their hands. This is just not Goff and this is not the situations that Goff tends to thrive.

But with all the above stated. I get that the whole team was on board. I just 100% believe that at that moment the path to victory was in OT. That the 2-point win opportunity relied on something special and the refs took that opportunity away.

And I am also fine with how it all turned out. Lots of moving parts. Injuries, fatigue, travel plans, playoff seeding. So MCDC knew what was at stake and made the call.

I also hate how it is on film not - it’s been rehashed to death, and that all teams are aware of the tactic the lions used. Messing up our element of surprise and pointing out to the world how much they need to be aware of our sneakiness, even though we have Ben doing it in other ways for 2+ years (see what I did there?).

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Yeah, pretty sure everyone was on the same page (about going for 2…three times). Kind of like some skewed version of false consensus syndrome.

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It’s shocking how positive Carlos is now. I’m really liking his articles since DC took over. Maybe he knows more about the game than I used to think.

It’s like he’s departed the “Dungeon of Doom” and left the ghost of Drew Sharp behind.

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