Montez Sweat's heart issues misdiagnosed?

Welp, since the Lions spent BIG money on Flowers would they also spend a 1st round pick on a DE? A big time pass rush is really good news for your secondary, so it ain’t the worse thing they could do IMHO, if he fell to us.

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I started to waiver a bit on Montez after the concern about his heart, but if its correct that his heart condition was misdiagnosed, i think he is still a possibility for us at 8. You cant have to many really good pass rushers, especially in our own division. Add a pass rusher like Montez and Peterson at corner, and our pass defense looks mighty stout. Pair that pass D with our already stout run D and we are in business on that side of the ball.

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That’s convenient as hell timing! Now, if they could eliminate the character issues he’d be all set.

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Hate to see him hurt by the “misdiagnosis”. I think the NFL should look into the doctor who made that diagnosis and if it is from a team doctor who for instance ended up drafting him, there should be some kind of penalty.

On the character flaws, you would have to rape Mother Theresa on video with twelve papal cadidates as witnesses to get suspended at MSU. I can only imagine what this guy did to get thrown out. It doesn’t make the news.

I know a successful baseball player in the bigs, retired now, who put swastikas on doors in his dorm. That never cost him a game, nor did it affect his draft or MLB status. Only point being is some truly abhorrent shit gets covered up.

There is a local head coach, meaning the state of Michigan who abused his wife. Nobody talks about it. All the “Me, too!” Stuff and nobody says anything about this guy. To be fair, he didn’t do anything sexual, but he did abuse his wife.

What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes?

Nothing. Her husband already told her twice…

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