More Lions gear this week than in last 8yrs

Some of you know I have a company in Fl and spend 2-3 weeks there each month.
Over the years it was rare to see Lion’s gear, an occasional item here and there but rare, very different this week.
Monday in Lakeland, 2 hats, 1 sweatshirt
Tuesday Ft Lauderdale/Boca 3tshirts one hat
Wednesday, Miami/Hollywood, 2 hats 2 sweatshirts 1 tshirt
Thursday Miami 1 hat 2tshirts and two sweatshirts all at breakfast in the hotel.
Friday Ft Myers and Sarasota 2 hats 2 tshirts.

Things have changed, great discussions with several of them many of vacations or about to head out on a cruise and many, like myself, left MI and never stopped loving the Lions.
Just very different now and loving it.