More Matty P Press Conference Fun

People, please don’t settle for somebody’s interpretation of what was said. Actually LISTEN to what was said. It’s right there.

Form your own opinion. You don’t need me to tell you what to think and you darn sure don’t need MDS, MLive or the Free Press to tell you either.


This dude cannot handle the heat. Can you imagine had he chosen the Giants job, which was offered to him? Unreal …

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That is just stupid Nate, look at BB, he gives them nothing and acts all butt hurt at every new conference.

He also has like 37 Super Bowl rings …

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Again stupid analogy. The super bowl thing is irrelevant. But don’t listen to me, I liked Joey for years.

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Oh believe me, I have. And I didn’t need anyone to tell me – it’s pretty damn obvious.

It’s almost like he earned that trait.

Patricia is right, Detroit media sucks