More signs of BNL

I took a quick look at “Get Up” before heading out the door and the first headline I see on the show is “What do the Cowboys have to prove against the Lions?”.
The Lions are now a measuring stick game for opponents. It’s A New World, A BNL World and it’s oddly…settling.


I think the Lions will perform well, win or lose. The Cowboys know they will have to sell out a bit to stop the run. Which is exactly what the Lions are built to exploit.

Pretty sure with the bitching about Parsons not getting calls we will see at least one at Dallas. Hopefully Hutch gets fair play.

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I like the Lions to win this game.

I think it is possible they just had a little loss of focus.

They have been on a focused tear since mid last season. I am hoping this is a reload of the focus and “grit”.

I keep beating this drum but the Lions may end up a 1 seed. Need to go see if the game times for week 18 are out yet

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I heard that the Cowboys haven’t lost this year at home. This will be a hard game for us to win, depends on which Dak shows up.

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Does anyone know when game times will be posted for week 18? It seems insane that they are not already up.

Funny just did some “googling” and I guess this has been the norm for a minute.

Makes complete sense also.

So I am guessing Saturday will be a few teams that have no real effect on the playoff races. Then Sunday try to have the games that effect each team go off at the same time to keep it competitive.

I am really hoping the we are all pulling for a Rams victory so the Lions can get that 1 seed. Additionally, we really want the Rams to need that victory. I need to go back to the ESPN predictor to see if that can happen.

Holy poop. Just did a sim and if KC loses the next 2 weeks they do not make the playoffs. I will not lie that I do enjoy watching them play. BUT I think I would really enjoy them not even making the playoffs and sipping on those sweet tears of Patty and Kelce. Not to mention I am not sure I could listen to a Swift song without putting a knife in my own ear. I am a child of 80s rock. And by 80s I mean I really enjoy 60s and 70s LOL.

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No doubt. Thing is though, if a Rams win against the Niners can give us the #1 seed, the Niners will be playing all their guys to win. That’s a very unlikely scenario for the Rams to get a W there. But we shall see. First order- beat Dallas. Which will also be a tall order!

Looks like Sunday night or Monday morning. I found this on the NFL website.

In Week 18, two games will be played on Saturday (4:30 PM ET and 8:15 PM ET) with the remainder to be played on Sunday afternoon (1:00 PM ET and 4:25 PM ET) and one matchup to be played on Sunday night (8:20 PM ET). Specific dates, start times, and networks for Week 18 matchups will be determined and announced following the conclusion of Week 17.

Thanks brother.
I also stopped being insanely lazy and typed in a search…LOL.
I miss new papers. And the mystery of things at times. I literally went to buy a Sunday rag a few months ago and I think it was like over $7 bucks which seemed insane.

The real BNL moment for me last game was when the Lions were on their final drive and Goff threw a 3rd dowm incompletion (was it to Reynolds? Peoples-Jones? Lif?) I forget. There was about four minutes left.

And the ref’s throw a flag on the Minny secondary. It looked like a ticky-tack little bump. Automatic first down. Allowed us to run more clock. (Even though Vilma said “yeah, you can’t do that”, it looked like something that you could call on most plays).

From 1980-2022 the Lions don’t get that call.

But these are truly the BNL, that call was a tell for me!


To really need it, they need to lose to the Giants in week 17. Otherwise, i think the niners game is only the difference between the 6 and the 7 seed for them.

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