Moseley presser

We need a 3T, a coverage LBer, a in the box thumper and probably one more corner. But we’re getting close on D.

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You’re way too soon in writing off Okuda and Jacobs.


I’m not writing them off. Certainly not Jacobs. I’m one of El Jefe’s biggest fans. His year was all over the place though so it’s hard to count on him. Also, only Jacobs and Sutton are sure to be here past next year. The rest may test free agency.


Haven’t posted in a while but the free agent signings have been impressive
Montgomery at RB
And they still hsve 2 first round picks

The division title is within reach


Nice to see you, again.
Yep, we’re definitely on the rise.

Especially knowing how we run things and like to bring guys back slowly from big injuries. I could see him starting the season on PUP.

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I was wondering that too. Wouldnt surprise me in the least if we pick up Hooker in the 3rd. He’s seems like a culture fit.


Something tells me that Jacobs will have that Commish mentality and dip his toes in FA but end up signing back with us quickly if we want him.

Perfect situation to grab AR15 at 6 and Hooker at 18 to insure we have a real affordable QB in 25!

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I hope Trenton Simpson drops to us in the 2nd. Good coverage lb 4.4 speed. Not a great year for lbs and Simpson has his faults he needs to work on. But he should be a good one if he gets it figured out

I played division 2 football in college clean tear on acl but also mcl tear …now this was 20 years ago…it took me about 10 months to run properly and a year to go full out…but the thing people forget is that is a painful injury with the surgery being the worst…again 20 years ago in division 2 ball if he had just a clean acl tear he could be back easily

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Niiice, brother. good stuff.
I wasn’t talented enough to play college football.
I was however, devastatingly handsome
:facepunch: :sunglasses:

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Like others pointed out he may not be ready by training camp. When asked, if he will be here for OTA’s. He said, I will definitely be in the building and around the guys doing what I can to help and be the leader I know I can be.

That statement he made about OTA’s is the very definition of what Holmes/ Campbell are looking for.

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So you’re saying that we should’ve gone with the @socko mock draft from last year?


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