Will he play next week or will this be a week 4 debut?

Don’t know, but very happy with Sutton week one. He looks like one of the best CB’s Detroit has had since Slay left


if they put him on active roster vs IR they must expect him to play sooner

Active roster vs IR also changes what the coaching staff can do with him in practice. I believe our staff thinks about that stuff.


If he doesn’t play it may not be because he’s not healthy. Jacobs played very good football game 1.
It will take some doing to unseat him.


My guess is week 5 or week 6. He’s only just back from an ACL, it will take some time to get him up to game speed and intensity. He probably needs four or five weeks of practice before he’s ready to go.

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I actually left thinking Sutton was OK but wondering if Mosely might be better. Jerry was Jerry and got beat while trying to create a turnover. So regardless, having Mosely should be an upgrade to the overall unit.

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Don’t kid yourself Mosley is arguably our best CB


They would have kept him on the PUP if that was the case.


I agree that Sutton played well, that PI was BS. when Mosley comes back and is in game shape I think he’s our best CB. Jerry is a very good 3rd depth piece.

Wow, we have come so far…

He could be active I see if he is 100% in practice this week why not give him few snaps an keep Jacobs starting. If he is close give him another week.

Uhh, whut?

I did not see that, I saw him getting picked on a bit because he was out of position.

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On that, at least.

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Not necessarily. If he needs 3 or 4 weeks of team practice to ramp up from working alone with trainers to taking 70 snaps in a game then activating him in week 5 would mean the earliest he could fill that kind of role is week 8, whereas this way he can be ready to play a full game in week 5. With an injury like that and him being new to the team and the scheme I’m guessing there will be a ramp up period for him.

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Agree to disagree I guess

I don’t think he would need 3 to 4 weeks of practice. He’s a veteran. It’s the CB position. He’ll be a quick study.

I will be very surprised if he’s not playing very, very soon. If not by next week then by ATL. I do think that there will be a ramp up period but that will manifest itself via snap counts.

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Tbf he was practicing last week just limited

There is a solid shit hes back this week

Plus 10 days of rest should help

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But not too solid

I meant shot

Im tired

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I know. But not too tired. :slight_smile:

I would be surprised if he’s not ready to play next week at home against the Seahawks. I think he absolutely could have played this week, but no reason to rush him back when we’re at home next week and have an entire 10 days to rest.


Hope this wasnt you