Mosely had minor procedure done

Wrote this the other day, but was told Emmanuel Moseley had a clean-up on his knee recently. Doesn’t sound like anything serious, but Lions coach Dan Campbell declined to talk about that today, said Moseley will be back Monday.


If Moseley struggles to come back from injury this year, or is slow to acclimate to the new system… outside CB is a concern.

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I don’t think so an just maybe we have solid replacement already . Plus we have the money to sign another Mosely if we need to. The season has not started an you worry about next season OK


If you ask people had his operation on knee you can heal completely or you can heal good but in my case had what they can a bakers cysts They can go in an do what they do the cut is very tiny an your back to normal after like a week. He could have gone this week for the stitch or two removed. What ever it was i doubt it slows him down they may call it clean up now.


Hopefully just a little tune up!

If it was done few weeks ago then he goes gets stitches out an they check it an he comes back Monday or possible they did it this week an will join team Monday.


We have 43 days til game one, plenty of time for Mosely to get up to speed provided it was a simple clean up.

Mosely is in serious trouble……this isn’t good………watch starling Thomas make the roster over him. But that may not be shocking….Thomas is gonna olay a lot this year……a lot.

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Mosley parted the red sea, man.
You think he can’t play football???


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