Most 4th down go for it attempts in a game?

That has to be it , no?

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It could be, I sure wouldn’t know how to look that up. There might have been a team who got down big in a game, and was forced to go for it a ton becsuse of it.

I bet no team has ever went for it 3 times on the same drive, in the first half of a football game though.

A team that gets behind by alot early on, will prob go for it more. I bet that is the most times going for it on fourth down for a team that never trailed. And every one was absolutely the right call.

For Campbell it’s not the most. Last season in New England he went for it six times, and each attempt failed. Yesterday the Lions had five attempts, and succeeded in four.


I mean both teams total 4th down attempts


Nah, some team that was getting hammered from the get-go probably went for it every time to try and catch up. It’s not the same, obviously, except in the record books.

I spoke to Jon and he gave me some insight. Apparently Jack Fox is such a weapon that we are only allowed to use him a certain number of times per game. The NFL said it will penalize us for PEDs if we exceed that number (Performance Enhancing Dudes). Its considered an unfair advantage. That also means we have to limit the number of field goals we kick, because Fox is the holder. He also said that opponents are not allowed to watch Jack Fox kick during warmups. This is because its so intimidating, it might lead to the other team forfeiting. Then the league would have a mess on their hands.

Hope this helps!

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