Movie: Civil War

Saw this on Monday night.

Weird movie, but I liked it. It goes from slow to intense – back and forth.

The backdrop is not explained very well, but there are four factions in the future… A third-term Facist president has caused rebellions - there’s the Western Forces (unlikely partners of California and Texas), some 'sort of" allies in the west and midwest, a southern Alliaace, led by Florida which gets up into Virginia, and what’s left of the country which is in the Northeast.
It follows four journalists and their attempt to interview the President - with lots of diversions along the way. I won’t reveal anymore for those who might want to watch it.

I walked out of the movie feeling like I was just in the war.

It’s sort of set up to be apolitical (hence Cali and TX), which I liked, but not for everyone. I couldn’t decide at first whether I liked it or not. But I guess i did…makes you think.


I like a lot of what A24 puts out, and alex garland has talent so I’ll probably give it a go.

I’d imagine this thread doesn’t go in the direction we like, but I’l leave it for now. Please keep it specific to the film. Who knows. Maybe we’ll all agree that killing one another is like, a bad thing? :person_shrugging:


I just watched an A24, Under the Silver Lake on HBO, and man was it a surreal film. Its absurd but I couldn’t turn it off.

Then I found out the director was from Detroit so I had to watch his other film “It Follows”. Fun seeing some Detroit landmarks.

This film is Alex Garland, who directed Ex Machina (A24) and some others I’ve liked in the past (28 Days Later) so I will definitely be checking it out at some point.

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ex machina is great. he did annihilation which is an awesome lovecraftian movie that’s basically a retelling of ‘colour out of space’

Total PrincessBride pun!! Love it!!

Isn’t this basically RedDawn …. But it’s journalists instead of Patrick Seazye?

I simple don’t like movies about reality…. I already know all that. Give Masha the Bear while I high on pain killers!!

If you want sir real try “met the Feebles”!!

red dawn was an invasion from another country. this is an invasion by ourselves. again.

My favorite movie and it’s not close. I remember when Killer Kowalski used to end his Lions chats with, “Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

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:100: percent agree!

I have two DVDs and an original VHS with the whole container still ….

Greatest movie ever made

If the US wants a civil war…… dare them to make a new version of it!


I really didn’t like the movie at all.

I would have labeled it “Mindless violence through the perspective of news reporters who will stop at nothing to be good at their jobs”


If this website says its not woke, then its probably not woke. They do however say the movie sucks. I don’t really like this site but they are good for a quick woke check.

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I can see that. After recently watching Vikings, Fargo, Ozark, a few Tarantino movies, etc. etc., the mindless violence aspect just seemed like another day in the office. I need to start getting into comedies or something.

When Cali and Texas team up, its kinda hard to label it as woke. I think they tried their best to NOT be woke.

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They don’t make any good comedies any more…it’s a real shame. All the best comedies couldn’t be made today.


I was disappointed. Very little to do with the actual “civil war”. It was more about the “hardships” of being a war correspondent and could have used any war as the background.

Had I known that is what is was going to be about, I wouldn’t have gone to the theatre to see it. I came away feeling slightly ripped off.

Yet, it also spoke (worst case, for sure) about the divisiveness in our country today. I found the scene with the six war correspondents coming across the (presumed) Southern coalition guys really troubling.

We have a $6 theater around here on the Space Coast. So I do watch some movies I wouldn’t otherwise watch.

100% to this

CA & Texas on the same side? Good fiction needs to be at least somewhat believable.

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Bald people were ridiculously under-represented in this movie.
…just awful!

That means you don’t have to pay taxes BigNatty. No taxation without representation. We are enacting the Bald Guy Act right here and right now.