MP benched Oruwariye?

I thought he was doing decently?

Patricia is just really horrible at evaluating players or putting them in position to succeed. Him havinga issue with AO probably means AO is good. His rotating players hasn’t been very successful. Rather it’s the oline dline or CBs. He say it’s nice to have players that can come in a play, but what it really means is you don’t have anyone thats really very good. Good coaches don’t take there good players off the field.

Baking in an excuse. Well, we need to develop Okudah as we invested a 3OA pick on him so we have to live with the rookie mistakes in order to get him the live bullet snaps he’ll need to be an impact player for us in 2021… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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He does love him some excuses


AO seemed to have a rough game last week. Nonetheless it’s a myopic move to make. I think this reinforces that it is indeed playoffs or else for MP.