Msu vs uofm

Has been postponed. Calling BS on uofm.

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They have more then 7 to play. You can lol all you want. They played vs Rutgers so why not today?


Because UM basketball is an embarrassment this year and Sparty would’ve probably hung a C-note on them.

MSU continues to own UM.

Must drive them crazy.

Ironically, and not sure how it was possible, UM was favored by 2.5, just imagine if they were healthy, lol. With that said more than a few friends bet this line taking MSU.

UM vs MSU hasn’t been all that one sided in basketball or football as of late, posting this from memory on bball. Harbaugh is 3-4 vs MSU. All in all I expected MSU to crush UM today, but it’s humorous to see Marty constantly call out UM in every thread and then go @kalspa recently as well. But hey, you know what Marty, UM ducked MSU today…just find the posting humorous.

MSU is far superior in basketball this year, that is a fact. Hopefully they reschedule the game but I have no idea how the B1G is handling this.

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It’s all good.

And latest report I saw said that UM had five players available for today’s game.

Well I don’t think that’s true. So duck up

TBH,I don’t really care.

Just like watching you constantly comment on UM and then blame @kalspa. Almost like a sibling rivalry to YOU, not most UM fans.

You clearly do care.

Duck…duck…duck and never the goose.

All I know is Michigan was favored to win so it seems unlikely that they would not want to play if they could

You really think they were going to win? Lol.