My Conundrum - is it worth my effort?

So I thought I was going to have to work all weekend. I actually saw it as a chance to take a break from all the madness that is Lions football.


It turns out we finished up today and I can actually watch the game.

But…here’s the question

It’s going to take me 3 hours to drive home, where my Sunday Ticket is waiting for me.

I would have to wake up at 6:00am to make sure I can get on the round by 7:00am to make sure I make it home by 10:00am to catch the start of the game (FYI, I’m on the west coast - Pacific time).

Or, I could sleep in, take my time getting home, and just check on the score every now and then.

Of course this is really a rhetorical question. I already know exactly what I’m going to do. And probably what most of us would do.

See you all in the game day thread, while I’m sitting on my coach, losing a bit more hair over the Lions.

God the things I do for this team.

I hope the Lions crush the Vikings, we need it…however, I have grown wiser, it all boils down to the officiating. I will continue to say that before every game now.

Yeah Sir, safe to say we all have full plates and things to do aside from JUST tuning into Lions games. used to be is the team by itself good enough to win football games and now you have to wonder if the are good enough to win even, counting official-interference ?

I still Love The Detroit Lions with all my heart. It’s the uncertain ‘calls’ I don’t like thinking about or seeing. we should be sitting farther ahead than we are if not for all the stupid $#!7.

Oh, there’s a game today? Might watch it…might.

Get in the car and drive…it’s an addiction…gotta have it…I miss 10 am start times. Hell, I miss the Bay Area weather! Enjoy!

You can still have the Lions or Redzone on and not give 100% of your attention to the game. Nothing says you have to sit and watch every play. I enjoy the NFL, but it doesn’t run my life.

I was going to say…is this even a question??? :joy:

If you have Sunday Ticket, why can’t you sleep in a little bit and watch it on your phone on the way back home?

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Tain’t easy being a Lions fan. Walk away if you have to, nobody is going to criticize you for that. Come back if and when you want to, we’ll be here to welcome you back. lol, misery loves company.

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I was ready to give up after last weeks game, but yesterday I was looking to purchase a Lions hoodie lol