My final thoughts before the seasons starts

In 30 years this has been the most unique off-season I’ve ever seen. I knew, and fought with some people that RB, LB, and TE should absolutely be picked. Then bam! RB, LB, and TE with the first 3 picks. But it also doesn’t mean I was happy with the picks. They just gave a 3 year contract to a RB who is a good pass catcher. I loved the Jack Campbell pick, but what I wanted was their first 3 picks to be two DT’s, and a DE/Edge. They were great without a number 1 TE, but then they draft LaPorta. Branch was my guy in college, and right now, without playing a single game, has become my fav player, but they signed CJ, they have Kerby, and Walker. So, I thought where’s the room? And it’s true because now a good player (Walker) is coming off the bench. Then Holmes basically gave away everything left to get Martin.

Again, I knew these positions were in play, and I knew that would be the right way to go, but at the same time I didn’t want it. And I thought it would be better if they went the way I hoped. Most, if not EVERYONE felt the same way. it was hard to be happy with it. A lot of mixed emotions from ALL of us.

It’s amazing how things turned out. Now, I can’t imagine it being different. In 30 years I’ve never been wrong. And I wasn’t wrong about this, but I was wrong with what I wanted, and thought would be better. A lot of us are guilty of this. I mean, I wanted a beefed up DL, we wanted Jalen Carter for a reason, and here they are too beefed up were Buggs can’t even get on the field. Were Julian is killen it yet is put on IR. Houston is a 3rd stringer. Levi is playing?! What the heck?

Tracy Walker, a captain, and very good player is benched? HUH?! The LB’s are so good they won’t be able to play them all, and their first round pick isn’t starting? WHAT?!

Their offense was top 5. Add Gibbs, a dynamic runner, and catching home run threat. Add LaPorta, a reliable target with toughness. I know Jamo has a bad rap right now, but there’s no denying how dangerous he is no matter how many reps he gets. Gibbs, and Jamo are two of the fastest men alive. On the same team?

It’s a testament to how good Brad Holmes, and Dan Campbell have been. Throw in AG because AG is very much in this mix. They know the players they have. They know who’s going to make that jump. They know who they’re drafting. In 30 years I’ve never seen this.

Have any of you seen PFT’s picks? The hype is REAL and DESERVED, but they haven’t played a single game yet, and 4 of our best players are rookies. I’m scared Mahomes, and Kelce are going to give Branch a “welcome to the NFL”. I don’t want to drink too much kool-aid. But my gosh I can’t help think this team is SERIOUS.

It’s time to GO! LETS GO!

What is even happening?!


Backed by our OL


My final thought before the season starts. The off season takes forever.


My final thought …
If the Lions win tomorrow night, 3/4 of the people on here will watch the game 2x or 3x :grinning:

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Kalif is fast too. And LaPorta is hella fast for how big he is

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I may watch the GB game from january prior to the start of this one.


Win or lose I’ll watch the game at least 3 times lol. If they win at least 5 times…


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I stopped reading here

Damn, you got past the username?

edit: Just so everyone is clear - this is a joke. I read the post. I just need to play it up for the Den Tag Team Match. I’m trying to cut promos.

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My final thought-please let this be the season we finally aren’t looking at NFL draft prospects for the Lions week 6 as the way forward

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I wonder if he sits on his hands before posting under a different handle. That way it feels like a “stranger” is posting it.:rofl:

We should start a tweezer campaign for him on GoFundMe.

Dang it, wrong thread.
GO Lions!!

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